Tasty Thursday Treats…

Lately I have been experimenting with “alternative” ways to sweeten up special treats. Not having a strong urge for overly sugared items, I was hoping to try a fruity concoction that would be satisfying to the palate. Last week I played around with apples, grating them and juicing them to add sweetness to cookies and

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Olives to Explore

These days I find myself working the Co-op Deli Olive Bar, staring down at the olives and wondering: What’s the deal with olives? Why so many? Where do they come from? How do they taste?

Olives are the savory fruit of an evergreen tree, olea europaea, with origins in Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean.

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Organic Lavender Ice Cream at the Co-op

The newest flavor to grace the ice cream scoops in the Co-op Deli is made with organic lavender. It must be tasted to be believed.

How did lavender, the familiar garden flower, become the focus of an ice cream? A single bite reveals why: delicate floral, slightly minty flavors dance on the tongue as

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Celebrate Local Curds from Golden Glen Creamery

Dairy is a way of life for the Jensen family in Skagit county. For several generations the Jensens have been tending cattle and handcrafting cheese on their farm, Golden Glen Creamery in Bow, WA. This local producer creates a variety of delicious cheeses made with fresh cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Although their farm

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In the Kitchen with Jill…

OK, so the weather has kind of made this a bummer summer, but I have to say the chow has been amazing!! I have had some wonderful food this 78 hours of summer. I have a personal love affair with corn on the cob. I will admit that I am not a huge eater. I

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