Newspaper Ad: September 2-29, 2014

SVFC_September Circular_Page1Check out what’s on sale in September for all Co-op customers! Download a PDF of our sales flyer here, or pick up a copy in the store! SVFC_September Circular

Sale prices good September 2-29, 2014.


Co+op Deals: September 2-15, 2014

Co+op_Deals_Flyer_West_Zone_1_3_September_2014_A-1Current Co-op member-owners can save on some of our most popular products! Check out the electronic version of the latest Co+op Deals book below, or pick up a copy in the store!

Sale prices good September 2-15, 2014.








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Stark Crimson Pears

skagit-valley-food-coop_organic-crimson-pears31Stark Crimson Pears are, simply put, amazingly delicious.

Sometimes a certain fruit reaches its point of optimum ripeness and flavor — and now is that time for Stark Crimson pears from Brownfield Orchards in Chelan, WA. Located on the slopes of the Cascade foothills, Brownfield was the first certified organic fruit producers in Washington State and was a founding member of Tilth Producers of Washington. And their pears are stars!

Ruby-colored with a pale creamy flesh, organic Stark Crimson pears from Brownfield Orchards are sweet and smooth. They are somewhat fragile, despite a medium thick red skin, so use caution when handling and storing. Make all your pear-related dreams come true.

What to do with Stark Crimson Pears:

Option #1: Eat it right now; don’t wait. Have a napkin and maybe a spoon handy — it could get messy. Dice for instant baby food — remove the peel for younger babies. These pears are a good source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin C, with some calcium and protein.

Option #2: These pears love cheese and salad. Take a bit more time and serve Stark Crimson pear slices alongside your favorite strongly flavored cheese, such as local sharp River Cheddar from Golden Glen Creamery, bright, tangy goat milk cheese like Cypress Grove Creamery’s Humboldt Fog or raw milk Point Reyes blue cheese from northern California. Select mixed greens (use the Co-op’s locally sourced spicy salad mix), add cheese, pear slices and a handful of your favorite nuts.

Option #3: Use as a topping for desserts. Serve over ice cream, butter tarts, and cookies. Go decadent and add diced Stark Crimson pear to a scoop of the Co-op’s own organic vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Get creative!

Posted by Claire

Q & A with North Coast Organics Founder

AllProdMeet the man behind our newest line in the Wellness Department, Nathan from North Coast Organics, makers of the “Death by Lavender” deodorant that has been flying off of the shelves and will be on sale for the entire month of August.

1. Describe the “a-ha!” moment when you decided that these products needed to be made and be on store shelves.

I knew I had to get an organic deodorant made when I could not find a certified organic deodorant on the store shelf. I was making a simple all natural deodorant for myself that worked better than one I purchased from a company on the internet. The a-ha! moment of wanting to take this to the store shelves was when I almost gave the recipe away. I was out with friends that were fans of the deodorant and some of their soap maker friends were there. I suggested they branch out into deodorant and said I had a killer recipe. My friends vouched for it and the soap maker’s suggest I make it and they sell it. At that point, I started to do so some math and here we are. Read more Q & A with North Coast Organics Founder …

Co+op Deals: July 30-August 19, 2014

Co+op_Deals_Flyer_West_Zone_1_August_2014_A-1Current Co-op Members save on our most popular products!

July 30-August 19, 2014. Limited to supply on hand.








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