3rd Annual Bike to Farms Tour!

Join us for our 3rd Annual Bike to Farms Tour!
Saturday, August 16, 10am-2pm

bike farm tour tim group

Join Co-op staff on a free cycling tour of some of our favorite local farms: Skagit Flats Farm, J-4 Ranch, Ralph’s Greenhouse, & Living Rain Farm.

This beautiful, flat, 8-mile-roundtrip ride is family friendly! “Fat-tire” bikes are recommended (we’ll be riding along gravel and dirt roads). Helmets are required. Bring a sack lunch or snacks with you. Free Co-op ice cream after the tour!

Please pre-register! To sign-up, email us at coopbiketofarm@gmail.com, or call (360) 336-5087, ext. 139.

Stress Relief For Your Pets


The booms have begun, so make sure you have your Bach’s Rescue Remedy on hand for your favorite furry friend.

What is Rescue Remedy?  Bach’s website offers a concise description:

RESCUE Remedy® Pet is an alcohol free variation of the original stress relieving formula Rescue Remedy, that has been available for more than 70 years. It can be used to create a calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioral problems.

RESCUE Remedy Pet contains a blend of 5 of the 38 Bach® Original Flower Remedies*, as developed by Dr. Edward Bach, that help your pet cope with different emotional aspects of stressful situations:

  • Rock Rose, for terror and panic
  • Impatiens, addresses irritation and impatience
  • Clematis, for inattentiveness and lack of interest
  • Star of Bethlehem, for shock or trauma
  • Cherry Plum, for a lack of self control

and yes, we do have Rescue Remedy products for humans too!

Newspaper Ad: July 1-28, 2014

Skagit Valley Food Coop_July Sales Flyer-1Summertime savings from your community natural foods market!

A correction concerning Deli Baked Beans on page 4: The description states that they are made with white beans and are vegetarian. This is incorrect. They are made with pinto, kidney beans, and delicious smoky bacon. Our apologies!!!



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Ben’s (Organic) Produce Report: Week of June 2

Outrageous Blow-Out Deals
Black seedless grapes $2.19 lb
Star Ruby grapefruit 59¢ lb

Wild Weekly Specials
Yellow and white peaches & nectarines all $3.69 lb
Broccoli $2.49 lb
Broccolette $2.49 ea
Red and green seedless grapes $2.99 lb
Red bell peppers $2.49 lb
On the vine tomatoes $2.49 lb
What’s New & Exciting:   
Check out the Fonzy melons! This is a new variety–grown in Mexico, bright yellow skin, with an incredibly sweet, white flesh. $3.99 each. Napa cabbage is in, though spendy at $3.49 lb. The first black figs have arrived, $12.99 lb; they will get cheaper soon.All of the sudden, it feels like summer is here! And that means that local produce is on!

Here’s what we have this week, from our farmers in the Valley:
Hedlin Farms:
pesticide-free (not certified organic) tomatoes from their greenhouse and lettuce will start to arrive Tuesday-Wednesday. Strawberries will arrive by this weekend, or as early as Thursday.
Skagit Flats: several varieties of lettuce, including red, green, romaine, and red and green butter lettuce.
Ralph’s Greenhouse: all kale varieties in-stock!
Blue Heron: Arugula and radishes
Viva Farms: Strawberries! (not certified organic, as of now)

And much more to come soon!

Weekly Produce Feature: Kale from Ralph’s Greenhouse in Mount Vernon

Kale has been cultivated for over 2,000 yrs and was the most widely eaten green vegetable in Europe until the Middle Ages when cabbage became more popular. Kale is a relative of kohlrabi, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. The original wild plant from which it was bred is native to the Mediterranean.
Kale is incredibly nutrient-dense. It’s loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, and aids the body’s detoxification process. Kale lowers the risk for at least five types of cancer: bladder, breast, colon, ovary, and prostate. It has cholesterol-lowering properties as well, more so when cooked than raw. Researchers have now identified over 45 distinct flavenoids in kale and one cup of cooked kale contains a cornucopia of nutrients, including 1180% of vitamin K!

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Ben’s (Organic) Produce Report

beets_carrots_skagitvalleyfoodcoop_5.27.14 organic lettuce_skagitvalleyfoodcoop_5.27.14 on the vine tomatoes_4.28.14 organic grapes_skagitvalleyfoodcoop

Outrageous Blow-Out Deals
Honeydew Melons $1.29 each!
Zucchini $1.29 lb!

Wild Weekly Specials
Green bell peppers $1.99 lb
Green & lacinato kale $1.79/bunch
Collard greens $1.69/ bunch
Red, green and black seedless grapes all $3.49 lb
18oz blueberries $7.49 each
6oz raspberries $3.99 each
Tommy Atkins mangoes $1.29 lb
On the vine tomatoes $2.19 lb

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