In the Kitchen with Jill…

As I was eavesdropping  listening to see if these customers needed my help,  this is what I heard: “I wouldn’t know what to do with a turnip if one hit me on the head!”  the friend replied: “Me either, these root vegetable intimidate me…”  My first thought was well of course they intimidate you if your produce is hitting you in the head, and then I thought well Jill open your big mouth and help them.

and so I did…

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The Cheese Whisperer: Keep on Trucklin’

trucklesVisit the Co-op’s Cheese Island now to pick up adorable farmhouse cheese truckles before we sell out for the season. These hand-dipped treats are only available while supplies last!

A truckle is a miniature wheel of cheese that has been dipped wax to preserve its natural rind. Most commonly found throughout the United Kingdom, they often appear in America for a short stint during the holidays. Truckles are great fun to bring to parties or give as gifts. Enjoy their cheesy contents by gently slicing off the wax lid and cutting wedges to serve. When finished, simply pop the lid back on the truckle and store in a refrigerator. Once opened, consume in 3-5 days.

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Fortify with Natural Mouth Care and Zinc


Natural oral health care on sale!

With flu season getting started, now is a great time to invest in preventative health care products, such as those available from the Health and Beauty Aids Department (HABA). Visit the Co-op to stock up on items to keep your mouth clean and happy.

Many caregivers and health providers believe good oral hygiene is key to preventing a range of chronic illnesses and maintaining overall health. According to a Journal of Infectious Diseases from 2008 zinc can help boost the body’s ability to fight off the common cold and reduce the severity and duration of cold during winter. Find locally made Zand zinc lozenges on sale in HABA this month. Some may also want to use these lozenges to build up zinc levels in the body to reduce the potential of catching a cold or the flu. Read more Fortify with Natural Mouth Care and Zinc …

Skagit Brew Corner: Welcome Gigantic IPA


New Gigantic IPA!

It’s not every day we can welcome a new brew and brewery to the Co-op’s beer aisle. But today is such a day, with the arrival of Gigantic Brewing’s India Pale Ale. Gigantic Brewing officially opened its doors to the thirsty public in May 2012.


Brewing at Gigantic Brewery in Portland

The brewery is nestled near Portland’s Reed College and is the brainchild of seasoned brewers Ben Love, formerly of PDX’s Hopworks and Pelican Brewing, and Van Havig of Rock Bottom Brewing. Ironically named, Gigantic Brewing anticipates producing a modest 4,000 barrels of beer per year, and ensuring high quality brews over rapid growth.

What I Drank: Gigantic Brewing IPA of Portland, Oregon.  7.3% Alcohol by volume / 85 IBU Read more Skagit Brew Corner: Welcome Gigantic IPA …

Remains of the Holiday

holidayrackMuch like the leftover Christmas trees and decorations, the holidays don’t have to be over until you say so. For a limited time, check out our holiday sale rack near the front cash registers. These sweet treats can be mixed into ice cream, hot chocolate or baking projects.

Save now on selected holiday closeout food items, such as:

  • Hammond’s Candy Natural Canes – regularly $2.89 each, now $0.89 each!
  • Hammond’s Dark Chocolate Mint Sauce, Spicy Mexican Chocolate Sauce, Sweet Peppermint Pattie Dip – regularly $6.99, now $3.99!
  • Madelyn’s Marshmallow Fluffs – regularly $9.99, now $7.99!