Flax Attack

Flax oil is something worth adding to your daily food routine, but unless you make a morning smoothie it can sometimes be daunting.  Barlean’s, our local processor of great organic flax oil and other products, has passed on some helpful tips and recipes to help us all with our daily flax fix.

1. Mix it in your warm cereal.  It’s nutty flavor compliments oatmeal like no other.

2. Add it to a bowl of soup – just wait until you have removed the soup from the heat of the stove.

3. Drizzle over popcorn instead of butter.  Add nutritional yeast for an added boost.

4. Substitute flax oil for half of the total oil called for in your favorite salad dressing recipe.

5. Mix 1/4 cup of flax oil in with 1/2 cube of softened butter to use on toast or vegetables (store in airtight container in fridge).

6. Speaking of storage, did you know you can freeze your flax oil to help prolong the shelf life?  Yup.

7. Barlean’s recommends 1 tablespoon each day of flax oil per 100 pounds of body weight.

8. Make your own bean dip with flax oil by adding 2 TBS of flax to 16 oz of cooked beans.  Add garlic, salt, onion, jalepenos as desired and mix in a food processor until smooth.  Sneaky and delicious!

9. Take it straight off the spoon.  Simple.

10. Shake your flax oil bottle before use- especially if you have the highest lignan flax oil.

Thirsty? Try this!!!

I know it is winter, but when is a bad time for a refreshing summer drink? Never..right??  This Cucumber Coolant is so restorative it so many ways. I made this beverage last night and it was a huge hit. It is a non alcoholic drink, but I feel a  splash of gin would be AMAZING!!

I am giving you measurement but truly it is all to taste.  I added A LOT more ginger and lime then called for, so taste often and season to your liking. Read more Thirsty? Try this!!! …

In the Kitchen with Jill…

Last night I taught a class ALL on coconut, and let me tell you it was delish!! We started off with a Pumpkin Coconut Cream soup, that was velvety smooth. The spices of cardamom and turmeric made it pop in mouth and a feast for your eyes.  After the soup we devoured my favorite meal of the night, Coconut Lime Chicken Salad.  The marinade was also used as the dressing, which was so light it aloud you to actually taste the wonderful veggies in the salad.  For dessert we made Coconut Curry Brownies, OH MY GOODNESS!!! Read more In the Kitchen with Jill… …

Holiday Zum Gifts in HABA

Visit the Co-op’s Health and Beauty Aids section and you’ll find a host of festive gifts from your favorite body care companies, including Zum from Indigo Wild. Refresh your home and bathroom with an array of hand made all natural products. From classic frankincence and myrrh to spearmint and grapefruit – you’re gonna feel and smell festive!

Stocking stuffer sized gifts include adorably packaged all natural goat’s milk soaps in various flavors, such as Mazel Zum with almond and orange essential oils, Kwan Zum with grapefruit and sandalwood and Jingle Zum – a fresh and woodsy burst of pine and spruce. And there’s so much more.

Don’t forget the holiday room fresheners and Zum’s everyday line of fun and relaxing scents, like their new Dragon’s Blood Zum products: Zum Bar, Rub and Tub Crystals. These balms and soaps are made with quality ingredients to remedy dry skin, and the restorative resin from the Dracaena Tree, a succulent shrub based in African and Asian rain forests. Fortunately no dragons were harmed in the making of any of these products.

Enjoy the holiday season with fresh and lively scents from Zum!

Homemade Chanukah Latkes

Frying up some delicious tradition

Celebrate Chanukah, the Festival of Light this December 8th-16th with the comforts of family and food. During this traditional Jewish holiday it is customary to enjoy foods cooked in oil and breads made without leavening. One of the most delicious holiday foods is latkes – fried potato pancakes. These simple treats are relatively easy to prepare with the whole family.

If you’re looking to make your own latkes, visit the Co-op’s produce department to find a great selection of fresh and organic root vegetables and squash. For a twist on the original, use other starchy vegetables such as carrot, sweet potato or zucchini. Latkes are often simply seasoned with salt and pepper, but feel free to add a tbsp. of dried Italian herbs or Parmesan cheese to give the dough for more flavor. Crispy, crunchy, and fried in olive oil, latkes are a treat for the whole family. However your choose to eat them, they make a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Read more Homemade Chanukah Latkes …