Fresh from the Garden Center

Coming Soon…..

Potatoes are coming, truly they are! It’s all about the weather, as the folks at Irish Eyes won’t ship if they think our seed potatoes will freeze. They are scheduled to ship this week, but Irish Eyes is backed up on their orders, again, due to weather. So bear with us. Likewise, the dry onion and leek sets are set to arrive sometime later next week – all arriving with plenty of time to get them in the ground. The weather? Well, as we all know, we are compelled to work with the weather we’ve got, and what we’ve got, while not perfect, ain’t too bad!

Not sure what to plant when? The Co-op’s Garden Center has put together a book mark style short list of seeds to sow and plants to plant. Look for them over in the Seed Rack area, and pick up our March edition. Its not complete, but it’ll get you started.

As this week’s enews comes out, our organic Kale Start Sale is nearly over, and our organic Lettuce Start Sale will begin on Friday. A wide selection of 4 packs available, including new varieties: mini red Romaine – ‘Breen’, a grown up red Romaine – ‘Outredgeous’ as well as a very pretty little Buttercrunch heirloom selection – ‘Speckles’. All Lettuce 4 packs regularly $1.69 will be $1.29 each March 15-31. Grown by our friends at Sunseed Farm in Acme.

Everyone Eats Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

guinessstoutThis St. Patrick’s Day join us at the Co-op in appreciating the culinary accomplishments of the good folks of Ireland. You’ll find plenty of authentic and delicious Irish foods throughout the store.

Also be sure to check out our Deli and bakery case to find Shamrock jam filled cookies and plenty of chocolate and Irish cream inspired desserts and coffee options.


Irish Porter Cheddar

Fortunately the Irish are great fans of dairy products! In honor of the great Emerald Isle, the Co-op’s Cheese Island is also sporting several new Irish offerings and some great classics.

  • Old Irish Porter Cheddar – this naturally aged white Irish cheddar has curds studded with smoked porter beer. It has a rich, bold flavor with a pleasant creamy tang. Perfect for snacking or melting in your favorite recipe. Read more Everyone Eats Irish on St. Patrick’s Day …

Co-op’s Own Corned Beef for St. Paddy’s Day


Co-op’s Own Corned Beef with Beet Powder!

Be sure to pick up some handmade corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday March 17th!

Our spectacular Meat Department has been hard at work seasoning delicious beef just for your table. Traditionally corned beef is made with a blend of salt and spices, including nitrates like saltpeter (potassium nitrate). This year the Co-op is using hormone and antibiotic free pasture raised Country Natural beef and beet powder as a source of natural nitrates to preserve color and flavor.

Prepare this tasty dish by heating your oven to 325˚F. Pour one cup of ale (use Guinness dark lager or stout) or water over meat, cover with foil and bake for 3 hours or until tender. As you enjoy this festive meal, remember that cattle have been revered in Ireland since ancient times. But corned beef is not actually an everyday Irish food, as many North Americans have been lead to believe. Read more Co-op’s Own Corned Beef for St. Paddy’s Day …

In the Kitchen with Jill…

To say I wished I had thought of this recipe would an understatement. To say I will be waiting until next Sunday to dive my teeth into this savory, cheesy, bacon-y cake would be a BIG FAT LIE!! I will be making this bad boy TONIGHT!!! I would like to say more about it…but I have to go shop!!

Irish Cheese and Bacon Cheesecake with Walnut Crust

Author: Carla Cardello (

Serves: One 8-inch cheesecake

Ingredients Read more In the Kitchen with Jill… …

Sleepy Eyes are Smiling

6am Monday morning came early this week, didn’t it?

Daylight Saving time transitions can leave you needing a little extra pick me up to greet the morning with – and,  since St Paddy’s Day is just around the corner, our Deli is offering a free shot of Irish Cream syrup with the purchase of any Espresso Drink. Made with our own fresh roasted coffee and your choice of milk or non-dairy beverage. You got the whole month of March to get Irish with us.

If you need your wake up call closer to home, we’ve got beans from local roaster Fidalgo Bay Coffee on sale for $9.99, (reg $11.29) all month long. Organic Valley non-dairy soy creamer is also on sale this month for $1.99 (reg $2.39) and so are gallons of locally grown Fresh Breeze Organic milk, at $4.99 (reg $5.69)

Don’t get your energy from ze beans? Our Deli is offering a free boost with any Organic Smoothie purchase during the month of March. Choose from whey protein, soy protein, or spirulina.