Practicing Paleo

dinner1.13Well it’s a good thing I put practicing in the title because this week was not my best in execution.  The house was full of sickness and I was unable to find the willingness to care. Doesn’t that sound contradictory? When you are sick aren’t you supposed to do the things that make you feel better, or is it ok to just have comfort and soothing? I did have bone broth which I had made weeks ago to sip on, but what I really wanted was mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, potato leek soup and toast.  I will confess to the toast…and a lot of it.  Oh sure I could have dragged myself away from the bed and Read more Practicing Paleo …

Need Buttering Up for Some Ice Cream??? New Flavor is HERE!!!

butter peacanCome in and experience the oh so decadently rich flavor of butter toasted pecans afloat in a sea of heavenly buttery ice cream.  Monika in the front of the house couldn’t help but have a taste!! The reviews…”WOW that is spectacular…I’m taking some home tonight!!”butter pecan2

Come try for yourself!!

In the Kitchen with Jill…

Oh the Flu…oh my how you have taken hold this year!! You and your little sickly fingers holding on tight to the ones we love.  This year you seem to be quite nasty and relentless and although I have tried you got me where it hurts!!! My house has been layered with sickness. The moaning and aching and chills…WHY OH WHY!!!!  Food as medicine seems to be the only thing that may help fight your devilish demeanor.  Growing up my grandmother swore by barley water for an upset tummy, have you ever tasted barley water??? Not so delish?  But then what to serve if not yuckiness to the ill? ( I may be writing this with a fever so please excuse the Shakespearean cadence) Bring on the broth, I say!! Hearty and full of flavor  making sore throats cheer with vigor!!  I am a saver of bones and so I will brew you a concoction made to heal the sick, ok well at least stop the Read more In the Kitchen with Jill… …

What is a Time Bank?

Thanks to Transition Fidalgo and Friends for sharing their FAQs with us – come to their introductory presentation on Wednesday January 23 at 6:30pm to learn more!

 What is a Time Bank?
A Time Bank is a service exchange that uses units of time as currency.  Time Banking is founded on five principles or core values:
  •  Everyone is an asset,
  •  Some work is beyond a monetary price,
  •  Reciprocity in helping,
  •  Social networks are necessary,
  •  A respect for all human beings.
How did Time Banking get started? Read more What is a Time Bank? …

Seeds are Here!

Our Garden Center is starting to gear back up: Spring Is Inevitable. Seeds from Uprising and Territorial are here!  See the list of available seeds here.

From Nancy: Our Season is coming back around again. And, wow, what a varied and wonderful place we live in! Yesterday morning it was 29 – tuprising seed displayoday 42 degrees. Never a dull moment!
The seeds are out- with many new varieties! From our friends at Uprising Seeds, a new open-pollinated sweet corn Tuxana and their own Sugar Snap Select, improved version of the renowned Super Sugar Snap pea. Also from them, in the sweet department is Jimmy Nardello’s Frying pepper, back tgarden uprising tomatoeshis year.

Plus, we are carrying over two dozen other new types from Uprising, Seed Saver’s Exchange and Territorial Seeds. Stop by and see all the ‘NEW!’ signs!    Please note that as the seeds begin to fly off the racks, if something you want is out of stock, feel free to fill out a customer request for them; with your name and number. When the seeds you want come in, we will place them in the special order box at register # 1 under your last name.

Primroses from Thompson’s Greenhouse are coming in! $1.29 each, both doubles and singles in a wide assortment of colors! Read more Seeds are Here! …