Warm Up with Yogi Teas

yogipeachdetoxBrrr…it’s been cold out there lately! But it’s hard to beat the soothing effects of a hot cup of tea. Visit the Co-op’s tea aisle and you’ll find a great sale on Yogi teas. These high quality teas are available in a wide variety of flavors, including green and herbal blends. Regularly $4.69 -  now on sale for $2.99!

Help support your body’s cleansing processes with Yogi’s tasty Peach DeTox tea. This tea is fortified with organic dandelion root, and a combination of ginger, black pepper and long pepper known as “trikatu” in Aruyvedic medicine. Read more Warm Up with Yogi Teas …

The Problem with Palm Oil

So Dr. Oz presented come compelling information on the wonders of Palm Oil recently, and the phones are ringing off the hook with questions and requests – as they do when Dr Oz “breaks” a new story or product.

Palm oil is not new, mind you, but in the last 30 years its applications have increased exponentially, and now over half of the packaged products in your pantry will contain palm oil. From cookies to beauty products, palm oil is a staple of our food system, although it often goes by other names: vegetable oil, sodium laurel sulfate, etc. The website www.DeforestationEducation.com has some great information about the other names for palm oil, and ways to detect and avoid it.

Here’s the problem with the Palm Oil industry: Read more The Problem with Palm Oil …

Practicing Paleo

paleo donutsPracticing Paleo…why am I practicing if I have already done it before? After my last journey into paleo, and then the slip and fall into the sugary holidays hole of goodies, I have made a a choice to eat what feels good to my body.  Here are some of the reasons why:

1) Digestion ~ My body “moves” better when I eat paleo. Also there is no bloating and stomach pains

2) Energy ~ Wheats and Sugars make me lethargic. They make me want to sit on the couch instead of go for a walk. Read more Practicing Paleo …

Scoping Comments for Cherry Point – Deadline January 21

We now have just 13 days to get all of our scoping comments in for the Cherry Point coal terminal to the co-lead agencies. January 21st is the deadline. The agency staff has repeatedly said you can make as many comments as you want on as many different topics as you want.

Snail mail (but not for long if you want to meet the deadline) to:
GPT/BNSF Custer Spur Co-Lead Agencies
1100 112th Avenue NE, Suite 400
Bellevue, Washington 98004
You can also see comments already submitted by others for ideas on the agencies’ website at http://www.eisgatewaypacificwa.gov/get-involved/comment/all
 AND, we have learned recently that if you submit a comment saying “I agree with ________ who submitted comment number ____ on such and such topic and add a little about who you are and what part of the comment you agree with,  that will count as a separate comment as well.
Numbers of comments matter. Your voice and perspective matters. Please stand up for your family, friends, neighbors, community, region and planet. 
Here is what our friends at Climate Solutions say about the need for comments, and by the way, they include a handy link to make a comment and you can add your own concern and request for study of your issue: Read more Scoping Comments for Cherry Point – Deadline January 21 …

In the Kitchen with Jill…

As I was eavesdropping  listening to see if these customers needed my help,  this is what I heard: “I wouldn’t know what to do with a turnip if one hit me on the head!”  the friend replied: “Me either, these root vegetable intimidate me…”  My first thought was well of course they intimidate you if your produce is hitting you in the head, and then I thought well Jill open your big mouth and help them.

and so I did…

  Read more In the Kitchen with Jill… …