4% Friday

Let’s be partners! Apply for the Co-op’s 2015 4% Friday Community Shopping Day grant program. Applications are available now in-store (on the counter near the front registers) and downloadable as a PDF. If you wish to receive an electronic version of the application, please email us at community@skagitfoodcoop.com. Applications are due by Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Once a year, the Community Relations Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Skagit Valley Food Co-op accepts and reviews the applications of non-sectarian, non-partisan charitable community groups for participation in 4% Friday, a Community Shopping Day. Groups chosen, one per month for the calendar year, are honored with 4% of the day’s gross receipts at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op.

Non-sectarian, non-partisan charitable community groups will be selected for their service to the community in the following areas; local community service organizations, organic food, natural health, environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural practices, human rights, environmental preservation, and groups with “like minded” mission statements.
We also hope to fill at least one slot for an organization with a focus on youth.

The Community Relations Committee will make their recommendations to the Co-op Board of Trustees in early October. If those recommendations are accepted, chosen recipients will be notified by early November.

Please mail your application to Attn: Rachael Darden 202 S First Street Mount Vernon WA 98273, or email rachael@skagitfoodcoop.com.


Congratulations to our 2014 Recipient Groups!


January 24: Skagit River Poetry Foundation
The Skagit River Poetry Foundation supports lifelong literacy and cultural diversity through the writing, reading, performing, and teaching of poetry in Northwest schools and communities. Funds generated by 4% Friday will go to support the program goals of placing poets in classrooms and help fund the Skagit River Poetry Festival, which brings poets from all over the world to La Conner in May 2014. The “Students Only Friday” event will allow area high school students to interact with poets they have studied in school. It is a rare opportunity to our kids and one that has become a Skagit tradition since 2000. Last year, the Foundation placed poets in 200 classrooms and served over 10,000 students. This is an interactive learning with poets, teachers, and students all working together to create and perform poetry.

February 28: Skagit Valley Farmers Market Coalition
The Skagit Valley Farmers Market Coalition is a first year project brought together by Skagit farmers markets, including Mount Vernon, Sedro Woolley, Bow Little Market, Marblemount, and Anacortes. Its mission is to continue to celebrate and grow the unique Skagit culture around food and community by strengthening its resilient farmers markets. Funds generated by 4% Friday will help continue the Coalition’s EBT incentive program, “Double-up Food Bucks”. This program doubles the dollars of all EBT users. Funds will also support farmers with more direct sales.

March 28: Skagit Gleaners Market
Skagit Gleaners provides opportunities for frugal, waste-conscious, working families in the Skagit Valley area to receive healthy food, education, and necessities for their families. Funds generated by 4% Friday will be used for new tables to sort food donations.

April 25: Pacific Northwest Trail Association
The Pacific Northwest Trail Association constructs, protects, and maintains the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (PNNST) in a manner that makes a lasting contribution to the recreation, education, and enjoyment of present and future generations. The Association is also dedicated to the Service Knowledge Youth Program (SKY), which provides students with an outdoor-based work experience blended with academic and trade instruction. Funds generated from 4% Friday will be used to pay for tools, educational materials, and transportation, as well as wages for the Youth Outdoors Program, for the Association’s recreational trail and outdoor camps.

May 23: Lopez Community Land Trust
The goal of Lopez Community Land Trust is to build a diverse, sustainable Lopez Island community, specifically through programs that primarily support low-income households to acquire and hold land in trust with the following integrated purposes:

–  To acquire and hold land in trust in order to provide for permanently affordable housing.
–  To provide permanently affordable access to land for such purchases as quality housing, sustainable agriculture and forestry, cottage industries, and co-operatives by forever removing the land from the speculative market.
– To develop and exercise responsible and ecological practices that preserve, protect, and enhance the land’s natural attributes.
– To serve as a model in land stewardship and community development by providing information, resources, and expertise.

Funds generated by 4% Friday will be used to support the expenses of the Land Trust’s seed library. Funds will be used to support a part-time seed librarian, printing educational materials, workshop speakers, and educational conferences for the seed librarian.

June 27: SPARC: Skagit Preschool & Resource Center
SPARC provides educational and therapeutic programs for children with special needs from birth to age six. SPARC offers opportunities for family education, participation, and support so that families are better able to participate in enhancing their child’s development. Funds generated by 4% Friday will go towards preschool scholarships, parent programs, and therapy supplies.

July 25: Funhouse Commons
Funhouse Commons serves the urgent needs of young people and strengthen community bonds by providing a safe and stimulating environment where all can learn, discover, create, socialize, and be heard. Funhouse Commons serves youth throughout San Juan County, specifically on Orcas Island, where the Commons is located. Funds generated by 4% Friday will be used to purchase healthy snacks for youth participating in the Funhouse Commons After School Program, Teen Program, and summer Ninja Camp program.

August 22: La Leche League of Skagit County
La Leche League of Skagit County helps families to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother. Funds generated by 4% Friday will be used for community outreach through information booths and community classes, continuing education for leaders, and updating the library available to meeting attendees.

September 26: Secret Harbor
Secret Harbor provides a broad spectrum of services and programs to children, their families, and individuals of all ages to support their safety, growth, success, and independence. Secret Harbor lives its mission by focusing on children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect, providing them safe, stable places to succeed, including all of the attention, treatment, and community services they need. Funds generated by 4% Friday will be used to pay for essential services and enrichment activities that help a child feel a part of their temporary home, fit in at school, or help them achieve their goals. The Kids Fund helps meet the special needs of each child, such as dental care, eyeglasses, school fees, tutoring, recreation and summer camps, sports equipment, birthday or holiday gifts, and comfort items and school supplies that each child receives when they first arrive at Secret Harbor.

October 24: Lincoln Theatre
The Lincoln Theatre entertains, informs, and inspires its diverse community through cinema, live performances, and educational programs while preserving the historic Lincoln Theatre. Funds generated by 4% Friday will support community programs’ use of the Lincoln Theatre. This kind of use is given a special status with the Lincoln and does not pay standard rental fees for use of the theatre, equipment, and staff. The Lincoln approaches each community use on an individual basis and tries to ensure that our varied and diverse community has access to the Lincoln.

November 21: Home Trust of Skagit
The mission of Home Trust of Skagit is to strengthen its community by holding land in trust for affordable housing and other community needs. Funds generated by 4% Friday will be used for outreach efforts to the community to create awareness, generate members and supporters, and ultimately, to determine qualified applicants for scattered-site homes.

December 19: Friendship House
Friendship House supports the Skagit Valley by feeding, sheltering, clothing, and healing those in need. Friendship House operates two emergency shelters, two transitional homes, and a Community Kitchen that serves public meals three times a day every day. Funds generated by 4% Friday will support Friendship House’s Community Kitchen. It costs approximately $1.17 to feed one meal to a hungry person. Friendship House serves an average of 4,500 nutritious meals every month. Sales from 4% Friday could potential cover nearly a month of meals to the community.