Natural Grocery

Fresh Breeze Organic Milk

The Co-op is a full service natural foods store: Dairy,  Frozen,  Bulk Foods,  Packaged Foods,  Household, and more. What makes the Co-op Grocery Department different from the supermarkets is our product selection. Products must meet our criteria for good health,  sustainability,  and a fair price. No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Ingredients, and we support the effort to label GMO’s.

We love local! Here’s a small sampling of some of our local producers:
Fresh Breeze Organic Milk
Organic Valley Milk
Breadfarm Artisan Breads
Nature’s Path Organic Cereals Granola Bars,  Breads
Island’s Bakery Sliced Breads
The Beekeeper’s Honey
Raw Cha Cha Chocolate
Lopez Island Creamery Ice Cream