Tokens for Tomorrow

Bring your own bag? Good for you!
Help the environment, save us some money, and share the wealth!
You’ll receive a Co-op token for each full sized new paper bag that you save. If you’d still like to receive the customary nickel back for bringing your bag, just let your cashier know.


  • Choose which of the four recipient groups that you’d like to support with your token.
  • Put your token in one of the four jars across from the registers.
  • Tokens are worth a nickel and at the end of the quarter we’ll make the donations and choose new recipient groups
Tokens for Tomorrow
Bring a bag, get a token, choose a charity.

In 2011 Co-op customers remembered their own bags 57,360 times, totaling $2868 in donations to schools and community organizations. Our biggest token recipient was NOAH animal Adoption, Spay and neuter Center, with 7,218 tokens.

In 2012 we collected 64,765 tokens, totaling $3,238.25 and our biggest recipient as the Humane Society with 6,747 tokens.

So far in 2013 we’ve collected 18,314 tokens, putting us on track to save 73,256 paper bags and raise $3660 for our community!