Your Co-op is proud to serve the community by providing a full-service selection of natural and organic foods, as a meeting place for individuals and groups, and through our support of community organizations and charities.

Eating Better on a Budget – Free Cooking Classes hosted by your Co-op. Learn the basics of whole foods cooking, how to shop for better health, and more.

4% Friday – On the 4th Friday of every month, your Co-op donates 4% of the days sales to a local community or charitable organization.

Co-op Meeting Room – Your Co-op has 2 meeting rooms on the third floor where community groups can meet for free!

Community Partnerships – Your Co-op supports wide variety of like-minded community groups through education, sponsorships, and donations.

Newsletters – Your Co-op publishes a bi-monthly newsletter with articles and information about food, health, community events, and more.

Tokens 4 Tomorrow – Bring your own bag when you shop and your Co-op donates 5ยข to a charitable organization.

Banana Card Program- Your Co-op supports the health of our community’s children by providing a free organic banana, apple, orange or pear to every child with a banana card!