Workshops at the Co-op

Co-op Workshops and Classes are held on the 3rd floor of the Co-op Building.  To pre-register for a class,  please call us at (360)  336-5087,  ext. 139.

Upcoming Workshops

To Bloom or Not to Bloom with Hal Pullin
Saturday, April 19, 1pm
Hal has been helping families, couples and individuals to making last positive changes by living more mindfully for 25 years. The workshop participants will also be invited to attend a 6-part meeting group on Monday evenings. The workshop goals are to learn new tools and for the group to install lasting positive change. You will learn how to use your unconscious mind to create the kind of life for which you have been longing. You will see more clearly why we humans keep repeating the same mistakes and what you can do about it. The workshop will cover the top ten questions that all humans need to know in order to follow a path of personal and spiritual growth. You will be presented with a model on how to change your life by renewing your mind for 10 minutes each morning.

Whole Body Detox with Karl Mincin
Monday, April 21, 6:30pm

Focus on Liver Support & Deep Tissue Cleansing: Everyone will derive a measure of benefit from the Whole Body Detox program and class, some more than others. For certain individuals, this really is the missing link to their good health. Even when it’s not the key to relieving a specific condition, there will always be improvement in ones overall health. A person do not need to have a disease in order to do the program or take the class. It will guide you in a well-rounded program that is mild and safe for virtually everyone, especially when compared with more extremes, such as fasting and colonics.

City Chickens with Linda Zielinski
Tuesday, April 22, 6:30pm

This workshop will help you decide whether these beautiful, egg-laying and entertaining girls are meant to be part of your family! Linda will cover these topics: your city’s regulations for keeping poultry, coop and run size and design, food and water needs, raising baby chicks, health issues and diseases, healthful handling of chickens and eggs, safe use of chicken manure, keeping your chickens content.

Linda has cared for urban chickens for over 4 years, and has organized or  given workshops in raising  chickens for 2 years at the Anacortes Farmers Market and at Transition Fidalgo and Friends’ popular Eat Your Yard Series at the Anacortes Library and other venues.  Her third annual “Tour de Coops and Crops” is scheduled for July 26th, a free, self-guided tour of Anacortes vegetable gardens and backyard coops. This is a wonderful way for folks to see if they would like to become part of the growing number of urban family farmsteads!

Ticky Tacky Tiny House Project with Tiffany Geaudreau
Thursday, April 24, 6:30pm

Building Small Dwellings, Community, and Quality of Life

For Freedom, Security, Durability, and an Eco Friendly and Vital Life! Who should attend: YOU! If you are looking for alternative options for housing, have already done some research and need more help, are currently building and need help, have built and want to assist others with you experience, are a skilled laborer or have knowledge that will assist others. This is meant to be an ongoing group or team; brainstorming, resource sharing, troubleshooting, inspiring, for fun, long lasting friendships.

Essential Oil Remedies: Pain Relief, Stress & Sleep with Michelle Mahler
Monday, April 28, 6:30pm

We will learn safety and application methods of Therapeutic Essential oils for topical use. You can use these remedies to help heal pain from joints, nerves and muscles, respiratory congestion, clearing sinuses and snoring, headaches, stress relief and insomnia/sleep disturbances. Each student will receive notes, recipes and can make a therapy blend to take home. Free class- Optional supply fee $ 10 per item.

Reverse Infertility without Drugs or Surgery with Carolyn Hallett
Tuesday, April 29, 6:30pm

Learn how your hormonal system will heal itself and reverse infertility naturally. A 3-step
process to detoxify, nourish, and re-regulate the body. This 3-step system has been proven to reverse infertility in both men and women.

Carolyn Hallett, CCH is a Board Certified Homeopath (since 1999) and a Holistic Fertility Support Consultant.  All attendees will receive a coupon for a free consultation. Questions?   360.752.2111

Raising Healthy Children, Naturally – with Dr. Cheryl Schmitt, D.C.
Wednesday, April 30, 6:30pm
In a world of quick fixes and simply symptom avoidance have you thought that maybe there is another way? Want to learn ways to embrace health, naturally? Children are especially susceptible to the effects of pharmaceuticals so keeping them healthy without the use of medication is extremely beneficial for their current and future health. We will talk about guiding children through childhood illnesses, the use of natural aides for common complaints and discuss the physiology of disease. Whether your child suffers from ear infections, colic, asthma, ADHD or is simply navigating common childhood illnesses, this class will give you take home advice you can put to use immediately!

Dr. Schmitt is an outspoken advocate for natural, drug-free birth and life, and lectures to empower women on their birth choices. She also lectures on causes of birth trauma and natural methods to restoring and maintaining a healthier life for both mother and child. She currently practices in a family and wellness based office in Washington State. She has three boys, born at home and living a holistic, natural, drug-free life.

Reiki Share with Jalen
Friday, May 2, 6:30pm
Reiki Shares are a gathering to give and receive Reiki Treatments. They are a time of sharing, learning and healing that is brought to the table by each person regardless of the individual experience. They are a great way for the curious to experience Energy healing and for the seasoned healers to practice and offer their gifts to others. Reiki shares are offered free of charge.

3-Steps to Heal Aching Joints with Carolyn Hallett
Tuesday, May 6, 6:30pm
Learn how to remove the triggers that cause joint inflammation, and a holistic strategy
to reverse the inflammatory process.  If aching joints are bumming you out or
slowing you down, come to this practical class to learn how to keep
your joints juicy, strong and pain-free without drugs or surgery.

Carolyn Hallett is a Board Certified Homeopath and Wellness Consultant and has been in practice since 1999.
Raising Meat Rabbits with Robert Fiut
Wednesday, May 7, 6:30pm

The New Zealand white rabbit is close to being the ideal animal to raise to increase your personal and family food security. Learn about rabbit care and what is involved in developing and maintaining a humane, family-scale rabbitry. Robert will also show and discuss some rabbit housing innovations he has developed.

Before the workshop, if possible, read “Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits” by Bob Bennett; and the online article “Bunnies Are Fluffy and So Much More” by Annette Cottrell at

Holistic Counseling with Aaron Mitchell, MS, LMHCA, LMP
Thursday, May 8, 6:30pm

Contemporary mental health counseling tends to focus on our symptoms with the primary goal of reducing these symptoms. The primary response by health care practitioners has been the use of psychopharmaceuticals and behavior/thought modification. However, to the conscientious and educated consumer they can see that this approach is often providing a temporary solution with problematic side effects.

Aaron has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s of science degree in mental health counseling from WWU. He is a licensed mental health counselor associate and co-owner of Awareness Healing Arts, PLLC. Aaron compliments his counseling with traditional forms of healing from his indigenous ancestry (Native American: Osage & Tlingit). In this workshop, Aaron will be discussing how to reevaluate our understanding of mental health, what it means to heal, and what it means to be mentally healthy. Our symptoms are “a perfectly natural adjustment to a totally unnatural and negative environment” (RD Laing).

Seasonal Allergies with Dr. Alethea Fleming, ND
Tuesday, May 13, 6:30pm

Join local naturopathic physician Dr. Alethea Fleming, ND for an informative class about the prevention and treatment of seasonal allergies with natural therapies.

Essential Remedies with Michelle Mahler: O’ Mama care–Aromatherapy Health Plan with Michelle Mahler
Monday, May 19, 6:30pm
O’Mama Care fits into the lifestyles of those who want to avoid drugs, possess vitality and build up their natural immunities. Plant medicines have been used in all areas of the globe since the beginning of time. They are very affordable, have no side effects when used properly, and bring balance and inspiration by scent, topical application, and healing baths/foot soaks. We will talk about ten basic essential oils that are accessible, affordable and can be used in almost any health need situation. The Essential oils are Lavender, peppermint, chamomile, lemon, rosemary, tea tree, geranium, eucalyptus, clove and thyme. Free class and Notes: Optional $7 supply fee for immunity/pain relief remedy or $20 for 3 remedy kit.

Nutrition Testing with Karl Mincin
Wednesday, May 21, 6:30pm
Karl Mincin is a clinical nutritionist in practice locally for 24 years. He specializes in nutrition assessment testing, the process of determining individual nutrient needs. This class is overview of several types of nutrition tests, particularly those for chronic fatigue.

How to Be Intuitive and Thrive with Heather Hovis
Thursday, May 22, 6:30pm

If you are highly sensitive to people’s thoughts and feelings you more than likely perceive your world intuitively.  Often we are not taught how to enjoy this ability and care for ourselves so we can be drained, tired or even anxious.  In this interactive talk we’ll try out tools for you to use, clear your personal space of others’ energy and have you leaving empowered with good information to use.  Heather Hovis is an intuit and empathy who utilizes her abilities and Reiki to thrive as a highly sensitive person and be of service to others’ healing.


Creating Vibrant Health with Doug Walsh
Incorporating Superfoods and Internal Cleansing into your Wellness Program
Friday, May 30, 6:30pm

Our bodies were not designed for life in the modern industrial age. The average human in the United States is exposed to 2 million toxic chemicals per day–we live in a virtual chemical soup of polluted air, water and food. Also, our soils (and therefore our foods) are so depleted that many in this country are actually malnourished in the micronutrients (minerals and vitamins). Any quality health program will thus have two crucial aspects – supporting your body’s detoxification efforts and upgrading your nutritional intake.  Come hear HealthForce Nutritionals representative Doug Walsh present cutting edge solutions that will assist you in creating a radical shift in your physical health. Make 2013 the year you committed to changing your life!


Reiki Share with Jalen
Friday, June 6, 6:30pm

Essential Remedies with Michelle Mahler: Skincare First Aid using Essential Oils
Monday, June 9, 6:30pm
Learn how to safely and effectively use diluted essential oils for cuts and scrapes, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles & scars, nerve problems, sore muscles & joints, hydrating skin and hair, sunburns, bugbites & repellant, and much more! We will discuss the healing effects of many amazing ingredients available in the Co-op and how to put them together for your best healing blend.

Free class and Notes: Optional $7 supply fee for remedy or $20 for 3 remedy kit.

Raising Meat Rabbits with Robert Fiut
Wednesday, June 11, 6:30pm

The New Zealand white rabbit is close to being the ideal animal to raise to increase your personal and family food security. Learn about rabbit care and what is involved in developing and maintaining a humane, family-scale rabbitry. Robert will also show and discuss some rabbit housing innovations he has developed.