Skagit Flats Farm Tour -

It was a beautiful day for wandering the fields, and Andy Ross introduced us to five kinds of lettuce, 4 kinds of beans, 4 kinds of summer squash, and a small assortment of the brassicas that he’s growing for the Co-op this summer. Here’s a photo tour:

Andy shows us the perled lettuce seeds he starts with...

And the vaccuum contraption he uses to get them sorted

Look at all that lettuce potential!

One of two greenhouses where the seeds take sprout

Here's a week's worth of starts, ready for the field

Our tour takes us through the fields - Andy's got 10 acres planted in lettuce, beans, and summer squash.

with an occasional kitty sighting in the mix

Andy is th culls field. "What's wrong with this lettuce?" (Answer: it's not good enough for market, one way or another.)

We had round the side where Andy's wife Laura has her flower garden.

Andy hands off a first growth zucchini. We bite into them raw. One of our tourmates, Robin, proclaims: "This is the best zucchini I've ever eaten!"

In the sorting shed, where the produce gets washed and packed into boxes for wholesale delivery.

Zucchini bath time!

The tour concludes with lettuce and yellow zukes to take home. Thanks Andy!

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