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EBB Greens Class Recap with Mayor Jill Boudreau

Greens in the spotlight: a full house and some media attention, too!

The focus was on eating well at the Eating Better on a Budget Class Greens with Claire, which took place this past Thursday in meeting room 309. In attendance were roughly 25 community members excited about eating greens, including Mt. Vernon Mayor Jill Boudreau. The class was offered in conjunction with a number of events relating to the Mayor’s Wellness Challenge.

Co-op staffer Claire led the class and discussed a variety of topics relating to greens, including phytonutrients, different types of greens and a variety of ways to incorporate eating green leafy vegetables into your diet. In addition to the familiar green lettuce salad, use lettuce as a wrap for veggies, noodles, rice and proteins (see recipe below). Read more EBB Greens Class Recap with Mayor Jill Boudreau …

The Cheese Whisperer: Don’t Have a Cow Cheese Workshop Re-cap

Co-op staffer Claire samples out goat and sheep cheese.

We were cheesing it up last week upstairs in Co-op meeting room 309. Cheese staffer Claire led a cheese tasting workshop with a focus on goat and sheep milk cheese called “Don’t Have a Cow Cheese.” It was all about cheese: discussing cheese history, ingredients, different styles and uses. We tried six different types of cheese, including local chèvre from Sunny Pine Farm, as well as offerings from Spain, France, Norway and Holland. When a class participant mentioned her daughter’s lactose intolerance, we started talking about how goat and sheep cheese are different from cow milk cheese. Some fun facts:

  • Not all milk is created equal when it comes to making cheese. It takes 10 lbs of goat or cow milk to make 1 lb of cheese. It takes 6lbs of rich sheep milk to make 1 lb of cheese.
  • Goat milk and cheese does not contain lactose or casein, the milk-bound protein that causes allergic reaction in some folks.
  • There are all sorts of goat and sheep cheeses that are made in styles similar to cow cheese. The Co-op carries an excellent selection of soft fresh cheese, mozzarella, aged cheddars and grating style cheeses made from goat and sheep milk.
  • Most goat and sheep cheeses pair well with fresh fruits, toasted nuts and crusty bread.

Claire also shared ideas for using goat and sheep cheese in the kitchen, and provided some seasonal recipes, including: Read more The Cheese Whisperer: Don’t Have a Cow Cheese Workshop Re-cap …

EBB Grains Class Re-cap with Recipes

We were an enthusiastic dozen last Thursday night at the Eating Better on a Budget Grains focused workshop, taught by Co-op staffer Claire. New carpeting and paint in meeting room 309 didn’t stop us from having a great time cooking up some delicious whole grain dishes. We cooked a savory Herbed Millet Risotto with Yogurt from scratch and Claire also brought a sweet grain option of her own creation: AB&J Bars a.k.a Almond Butter and Jelly Bars with raspberry jam. (See recipes below).

The Co-op offers a series of healthy budget-oriented workshops based on four basic food groups: Beans, Greens, Grains and Proteins. These classes help shoppers get familiar with healthy, delicious meal planning and purchasing. For a complete listing of upcoming Co-op workshops, click here. Read more EBB Grains Class Re-cap with Recipes …

Workshop Re-cap: Dips & Spreads with Carol Roberge

The Co-op is fortunate to host many exciting workshops on food and health topics. Last Wednesday, upstairs in Room 309, Carol Roberge taught a free class on making raw, living foods entitled “Forget Cooking: Dips, Spreads and Pates.”

She treated those in attendance to a homemade almond nut cheese, layered cheese torte with sundried tomato tapenade, pecan pate, homemade vegetable crackers and zucchini noodles. At the end of the night, everyone left with recipes and inspiration. For more information about Carol, visit her website at Read more Workshop Re-cap: Dips & Spreads with Carol Roberge …