NEW! Chia Pods: Superfoods on the Go

chiamangopodCheck out a new product in our cold drink case: Chia Pods made from simple superfood ingredients: chia seed, coconut milk, and real fruit.

A quick and easy breakfast, snack, or dessert, these tasty and portable pods are available in Mango, Banana, Blueberry, and Vanilla Cinnamon flavors. Chia Pods are healthy snacks and loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein. They’re also vegan, non-GMO, gluten- and dairy-free. Chia Pods contain no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

Chia Pods are an especially great pudding substitute, with their creamy, fruity flavor, and silky, satisfying texture. These pods deliver 100% of your daily Omega 3 fatty acids and 25% of recommended daily fiber. Chia is a great source of vegan protein, as it contains all eight essential amino acids. Plus the Chia Pod lid, cup and spoon are 100% recyclable and made from 30% recycled material. Cool!

For over a decade, The Chia Co. has been the world’s largest producer of high quality chia seed. They grow sustainable chia seed on their Australian farms located 15 degrees from the equator, the perfect latitude required to provide the ideal amount of sunlight to grow chia rich in omega-3 oils. All chia seeds produced by The Chia Co are sustainably grown, guaranteed 100% chemical free, certified non-GMO, and can be traced back directly to paddock on which it was grown. Learn the details on their sustainable farming methods here.

Chia is an ancient food, derived from the desert plant Salvia hispanica. Its seeds offer the highest combined plant source of omega-3, fiber, and protein, alongside a range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  For at least 3,500 years, chia has been documented a food source for the ancient Aztecs and Mayans peoples.



Q & A with North Coast Organics Founder

AllProdMeet the man behind our newest line in the Wellness Department, Nathan from North Coast Organics, makers of the “Death by Lavender” deodorant that has been flying off of the shelves and will be on sale for the entire month of August.

1. Describe the “a-ha!” moment when you decided that these products needed to be made and be on store shelves.

I knew I had to get an organic deodorant made when I could not find a certified organic deodorant on the store shelf. I was making a simple all natural deodorant for myself that worked better than one I purchased from a company on the internet. The a-ha! moment of wanting to take this to the store shelves was when I almost gave the recipe away. I was out with friends that were fans of the deodorant and some of their soap maker friends were there. I suggested they branch out into deodorant and said I had a killer recipe. My friends vouched for it and the soap maker’s suggest I make it and they sell it. At that point, I started to do so some math and here we are. Read more Q & A with North Coast Organics Founder …

Cheese Whisperer: Perail Papillion

ChsperailpapPerail Papillon is a wrapped, palm sized disc of Brie-style cheese made from pure, whole sheep’s (ewe’s) milk from the Aveyron region of Southern France. To ensure high-quality, nutrient-rich milk, the sheep are pastured at high-altitude, where prized grasses are abundant.

Perail has a melt-in-your-mouth, buttery, mild flavor, with notes of sweet grass and wildflowers. This brie is perfect for parties, picnics, and breakfast. Regularly $5.99 each, they’re now on sale for $3.99 each!

Traditional Brie cheese is named for its place of origin in France: the Brie region, located in Champagne country. (No wonder it goes so well with sparkling wines!) Bries are fresh cheeses — aged several weeks and inoculated by penicillin cheese cultures, which result in the characteristic flavorful, bloomy white rind and buttery center.

As they ripen, Bries tend to soften and sag. When searching for a strong-flavored, slightly pungent one, gently squeeze it and select the softest one. If you prefer a mild flavor, choose a firmer cheese. According to numerous sources, all Brie cheese are gluten-free.

For a terrific pairing combination, serve Perail with sour cherry jam, toasted nuts, and a glass of smokey and bright Chardonnay. Or go for a a glass of semi-dry Wyders Pear Cider.

Skagit Brew Corner: Refreshing Dry Pear

WydersPear WydersPearFrom the floor stacks to the beer cooler: Wyder’s Dry Pear Cider!

Made in Middlebury, VT, this semi-dry pear cider is a perfect summer refresher. It pours a silvery straw color and is a great sparkling option for those looking, in particular, for gluten-free adult beverages. One sniff offers up tangy aromas of pear, with a bit of ginger and tart lime, and each sip ends with a lively, crisp snap.

Wyder’s has been making tasty, fruit-forward ciders for over 2 decades. The company began in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, British Columbia) in 1987, and later shifted operations to Vermont. Wyder’s pear cider recipe was formulated by cider master Ian Wyder who learned his craft in England. As a result, it’s made in the style of a traditional English Perry — not too sweet, but with plenty of mineral flavor, pear-y zest, and hints of lychee, tropical fruit, and peony.

Wyder’s Dry Pear cider is wonderfully food- and cocktail-mix friendly. It’s also entirely sessionable (meaning low in alcohol, so knocking back a few of these will not leave you lumbering). On summer days, serve it over ice, as its flavor is best enjoyed chilled. Serve it with cheese plates, BBQ, spicy foods, and desserts. Don’t be fooled by its commercial availability – this cider is super tasty!

Wyder’s Dry Pear Hard Cider, Middlebury, VT. 4% Alcohol by volume

Deli Summer Squash Salad

DeliSumSqSaladKeep cool with the Co-op Deli’s own Summer Squash Salad! Made fresh by our staff cooks, this featured salad showcases the bright flavors of the season.

Try a refreshing blend of fresh yellow and green squash with a light marinade of minced onion, garlic, lemon juice, fresh cilantro, and mint. The delicate flavor of creamy squash is perked up by the tang of flavorful onions, garlic, and lemon juice to create a bright, filling, and naturally gluten-free food! It’s crunchy, tasty, and makes a fine side dish to most meals.

The Co-op’s Summer Squash Salad makes it easy to eat healthy. It’s loaded with the benefits of summer squash, a food naturally high in fiber, alpha-carotene, and beta-carotene. Summer squash also boasts a host of vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C and B vitamins. Source: Nutrition Facts and Data.

Like many of our fresh deli foods, this summer squash salad is a great, flavorful base to build another meal. Add a handful of chopped tomatoes,  cooked and chilled pasta or rice, and some crumbled feta (or bacon!) for a boost of protein, and you’ve got a filling and delightful lunch or dinner. Or make a cold soup by pureeing the salad with other favorite veggies (try tomatoes, beans, peas and/or hardy greens) and adjusting seasoning to taste.

Summer Squash Salad: now on sale for $4.99 per lb!