Community Partners

We support the efforts of many local community groups and schools to raise funds and make celebrations through sponsorships, raffle gift bags, dessert donations, and gift certificates for lunch at the Co-op’s award-winning Deli.Downtown Mount Vernon was selected as a Main Street Community for 2009, which means some new life and vibrancy for our sweet downtown community. To keep yourself up-to-date on happenings in town, check out Mount Vernon Downtown Business Association. Anchoring the other end of First Street is The Lincoln Theatre, a great old building in downtown Mount Vernon that shows independent movies and hosts live touring acts and local talent.

This year marked the first Healthy Farms, Healthy Puget Sound bi-monthly speaker series, hosted by the Co-op, with partners People for Puget Sound and the Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network. We heard from local farmers, shellfish growers, our local Slow Food Convivium, and parents involved in the work to get more local food into local schools.

We worked with Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland to create the “Farm-to-Market” natural grocery store exhibit in the Children’s Museum at the Cascade Mall. This gives kids a taste of where their food comes from, what kind of crops grow in the Skagit Valley, and how to choose good food.

Essential to the health of any community is the presence of a 3rd Place, beyond home and work, where people can gather to re-connect and to inspire. The Co-op can effectively support the health of the community by fostering conversations of all kinds.

In this vein, last spring we partnered with People for Puget Sound and the Children’s Museum to host a Toxins in Toys forum, where Washington Toxics Coalition tested toys from the Co-op’s Mercantile and the Children’s Museum. We proudly assure you that the Co-op’s toys are free of lead and cadmium and Pthalates! We believe in learning Green habits and fostering sustainable practices, and we’re proud to host the many incredible connections that happen every day in our store.

And all kinds of conversations are taking place! From the Socrates Café, People for Skagit Transit, green energy alternatives group, Skagit Clean Water, Flouride discussion group, Board meetings, and youth groups meeting on the mezzanine on a regular basis, to the Open Mics and Co-op Workshops listed on the event calendar, there are plenty of place to plug in. The more that we as a community talk about the things that matter to us, the more engaged and informed this community will become.

Groups interested in “joining the conversation” can inquire into the availability of Community Meeting Room 309, which is available free of charge to community groups holding public meetings.