All Members of the Co-op are Owners.

You don’t need to be a Owner-Member to shop at the Co-op,  but you may decide that ownership is a good investment. The Co-op is a not-for-profit organization owned,  not by a corporation or single individual,  but by thousands of community members.

To become an Owner,  fill out the ownership form (available at our registers) and return it to one of our cashiers,  who will get you set up. New Owners pay an initial non-refundable fee of $5,  and $2 per month membership payments up to a total of $100 for an up-to-date full ownership investment.

You’ll receive our New Owner booklet in the mail in a few weeks,  with information about specific benefits of Co-op ownership,  as well as a New Owner coupon book,  and a coupon for a free Co-op bag – redeemable if you come on one of our monthly New Owner Store Tours with our Outreach Manager.

Monthly owner payments are actually loans, refundable to you at any time. Your $2 monthly loan provides working capital to keep our store growing. If you choose to resign your ownership,  the money in your account will be refunded to you after a 90 day waiting period.

Those age 62 and over may shop at owner prices without paying ownership fees,  but are not eligible to help decide board elections or run for office. Seniors who wish to vote are welcome to become dues-paying Owners.

A Board of Trustees, elected by current owners,  governs the Co-op. Current owners can vote on Co-op ballots, run for the Board of Trustees,  and attend general Owner meetings, and thus influence the direction,  growth,  and policies of the Co-op.

Why Become an OWNER?

An owner of the Co-op is more than a consumer! Ownership is an investment in the cooperative system, local farms and businesses, and organic and sustainable production methods. As a democratic organization, everyone is entitled to purchase a share of the Co-op—but only one share to ensure that each shareholder has an equal amount of ownership and voting power.

Owner Benefits

In addition to the satisfaction of owning their own community store,  voting rights and owner governance,  Co-op members enjoy other benefits:

* When Owners first join the co-op they receive a “Welcome to the Co-op” packet which includes Discounted and Free Product Coupons.

* Our Patronage Program offers Owners an annual refund based on their purchases.

* Through the Co-op Deals program,  owners receive special prices on hundreds of the Co-op’s most popular items.

* Owners receive 5% discount off the list price on all Books and Calendars and 10% discount on Special Case Orders in produce and grocery.

* Hundreds of other food co-ops across the country honor our Co-op card,  so you can enjoy some of their ownership benefits,  as well.

* Owners are mailed our bimonthly newsletter, The Natural Enquirer – full of recipes,  health and nutrition articles,  the latest food and food politics news,  upcoming workshops,  and membership business and meetings.

* Owners receive discounts on workshops and cooking classes.