Free Range & Organic Turkeys for your Holiday Table

We order a limited number of range-raised turkeys from Diestel Turkey Ranch in Sonora, California, which are processed to order,  flash-frozen,  and delivered direct to us the week before Thanksgiving and Christmas. These birds are frozen only on the exterior,  so the interior stays fresh without requiring a long defrost time.

We will start taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys on Friday, November 1. Please place your turkey order with a cashier at the checkout stand.  A $5 deposit (non-refundable) is required.  Pick up begins Monday, November 25.  Please let any cashier know when you arrive,  then they can find your turkey whilst you do your other shopping.

Free-Range (not Certified Organic) Turkeys : $2.79 lb
These turkeys are free-ranging, are vegetarian fed and are hormone and antibiotic free.

Organic Free-Range Turkeys : $3.69 lb
In addition to the above free-range specifications, these turkeys are fed certified organic feed, raised on certified organic land, and are slaughtered in a certified organic slaughterhouse.  They are not allowed to mix with the non-organic free-range birds.

Since 1949, when the Diestel family started range growing turkeys on their ranch in the Sierra Foothills near Sonoma, CA, they’ve been slowly growing a reputation for exceptional flavor, tasting like “everything a turkey should be”. The Diestels ascribe their success raising turkeys to an old fashioned approach:

– Giving their birds a healthy start in brooder facilities controlled for warmth, food, water, and lighting.
– Giving their birds freedom to roam the Sierra Foothills of the ranch land, with clean mountain water, fresh air, and room to move.
– Feeding their birds a vegetarian diet, free from animal by-products, growth stimulants, and hormones. The Diestels mill and mix the bird feed themselves.
– Giving their birds extra time – two months!- to grow and develop flavor.
– Processing their birds in their own USDA inspected facility, which exceeds industry standards and is located right on the ranch.
– Packing their birds directly at the ranch, the final step in oversight and care, from beginning of the birds lives as poults, to end up on your holiday table.