Tableaus of 2012

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Some of our favorite combinations from this past year.

Homemade Jar Gifts Under 10$…

In round two of 10$ Jar gifts, I had a great time making a Sweet N’ Spicy Sugar Scrub. A gift like this you can give alone, or make a basket filled with a music you like, a nice face clothe, some aromatherapy candles and maybe some homemade sugar cookies. This jar cost $9.09. Santa

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Nordic Natural’s Omega Minis

Nordic Natural’s omega products are a favorite of many co-op shoppers, and we are happy to continue to extend the line by offering their Omega Minis. These strawberry-flavored soft gels are smaller than Nordic’s original Omega, but have the same double-strength formula. Each serving (2 soft gels) has 600 mg of omega-3 oils, which

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Flax Attack

Flax oil is something worth adding to your daily food routine, but unless you make a morning smoothie it can sometimes be daunting. Barlean’s, our local processor of great organic flax oil and other products, has passed on some helpful tips and recipes to help us all with our daily flax fix.

1. Mix it

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Thirsty? Try this!!!

I know it is winter, but when is a bad time for a refreshing summer drink? Never..right?? This Cucumber Coolant is so restorative it so many ways. I made this beverage last night and it was a huge hit. It is a non alcoholic drink, but I feel a splash of gin would be AMAZING!!

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