Happy Belated Chocolate Day!

All hail chocolate!

For those of us who missed celebrating the actual Chocolate Day this past Sunday, October 28th – today is a great opportunity to do so! Indulge your love for chocolate with elegant and nutritious bars and nearly endless flavor combinations. With so many wonderful chocolates on sale here at the Co-op,

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Skagit Brew Corner: Lady of Avalon

Available in 6 packs of dark lager!

Dark lagers. Unexpected perhaps, but not such an oxymoron. Ninkasi’s Lady of Avalon proves to be an excellent example of the Dunkel (“dark”) and Schwarzbier (“black beer”) styles, popular in Germany and Eastern Europe. For an authentic German example of this style available in the Co-op’s beer

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Grant funding for organic producers going unused

By SEAN ELLIS – originally printed in the Capital Press

A lot of money available through a USDA program designed to help organic producers and farmers transition to organic production is going unused.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service’s organic initiative provides financial assistance to organic and transitioning organic producers to help offset the cost of

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The Cheese Whisperer: Smokin’ Tillamook

Smoky goodness!

New to the Co-op! Add comforting rich flavors with Tillamook’s Vintage Smoked Extra Sharp White Cheddar. This classic style cheddar curds are cut, pressed and aged for 2 years before meeting an infusion of natural hardwood smoke.

The result: an exquisite mature cheddar with just the right amount of creamy, tangy and

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In the Kitchen with Jill…

Who says sandwiches can’t be for dessert, or an afternoon rainy day treat, or just because it’s Saturday and I really should be cleaning my house but instead I’m going to eat this sandwich and watch Love Actually for the 752nd time. So basically you see how my weekend went, sometimes we have to put

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