Father’s Day in Mercantile

Giving Dad Mad Props – a Father’s Day Ode

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Bathe in Beer: Soap Dreams

Soap Dreams is the brainchild company of Jamie Futoran. She has been making soaps with all sorts of ingredients for years and has arrived at some fascinating recipes using actual beer. According to Futoran, bathing with beer is an under appreciated treat. Beer is made with bitter hops, a natural source of anti-bacterial polyphenols. The

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In the Kitchen with Jill…

Grilling season is upon us and I am pretty sure I am putting any and everything on the grill that I can. Steak, sausages, chicken, pineapple, peaches, asparagus, mushrooms, cabbage, corn on the cob but I am seriously really looking forward to watermelon!! I know it’s a little out of the box, but then again

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Graduation Gifts in Mercantile

Mini Graduation Poem

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Cheese Whisperer: Appel Farms Goudas

Local cheese reflects a story of people and place. In the case of Appel Farms that story centers around Rich Appel’s strong commitment to maintaining healthy animals and land. Rich manages a 500 cow dairy and supervises the making of a variety of cheeses directly on the farm in Ferndale, WA. Show your support for

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