Little Mountain Trail Building Continues…

Trail Builders meet under the new awning

As a hiker, biker, runner, and generally outdoorsy kind of gal, I spend a lot of time on trails. I live near the Chuckanuts and spend a lot of my evening hours sweating out the day’s stress in those hills. My pal Steve, who works in

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Weekend Container Planting in the Garden Center

What’s New in the Garden Center this week? Warm weather veggies are here from Sunseed Farm including our most- asked about item – TOMATOES!! They are here in all their organic splendor – Sungolds, Sweet Millions, several Heirloom types such as Brandywine, Green Zebra and Cherokee Purple (Garden Nancy’s very favorite slicer), and more, over

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Eating Plants, Mostly -

When we showed Forks Over Knives during our March Tuesday Movies this spring, it hit me that although I had not eaten meat from ages 16-28, that I had been a really lousy vegetarian – I kept eating dairy, and kept kraft mac n cheese in the rotation as a favorite comfort food. I was

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Mother’s Day in Mercantile

Moms, we love you. And we want you around for a good long time, moving in your bodies with grace, exploring the amazing place where we live, getting dirty and productive in your gardens – all that good stuff.

We made a little montage of good gifts for moms – almost like a poem!


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Spring Giveaways





Good stuff coming up to give away this month: Earrings, EcoVessel water bottles, and Revival Ink gear to refresh your spring situation.

Visit our 2nd Floor Mercantile for a chance to win!

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