Thomcord Grapes: We Have the Technology

Grape lovers unite! At last, a cross between the sumptuous flavor of Concord grapes – that utterly purple juicy goodness, with the refreshing, seedless Thompson grape. The result: the Thomcord grape. New arrivals to the Co-op’s produce department, these fruits are so good and loaded with antioxidants – they make healthy eating fun and delicious!

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The Cheese Whisperer: Sweet Cheeses

Cheese is a versatile, tremendous food. It can be served as an appetizer, as part of a main meal, and for dessert. The onset of the winter holidays is a good time to get familiar with new ways to enjoy the sweeter side of cheese.

Some cheeses are ready made sweet indulgences. Many dessert cheese

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Bee Sweet on Queen Bee Honey Pralines

A prescription to soothe sweet teeth everywhere: treat yourself to a honeyed praline. Your local Co-op offers freshly made goodies from the Queen Bee Gardens, available in tasty flavors like mint, creamy fudge, and Hawaiian berry. These delightful sweets are made from all natural ingredients, mainly honey and butter. What a winning combination!

Queen Bee

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Farm Bill Article from the Chronicle

Stacy Finz, Chronicle Staff Writer Sunday, October 30, 2011 A patchwork of food, farming, conservation and environmental groups fear that lawmakers could act on the 2012 Farm Bill as early as this week with no input from California – the largest agricultural state in the nation. Leaders of the House and Senate Agriculture committees are

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Sauk Mountain Lavender Farm

Julie from Sauk Mountain Lavender Farm, upriver at the base of Sauk Mountain, produces organic herbal products grown and made on the family farm.

Astrology soaps

Lavender misters

Julie will be sampling her wares in store on Saturday December 10th from 11am-1pm in our Health and Beauty Dept.


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