Tasty Thursday Treats!!!

I have been on a marathon cookie bake lately. As some may know, my husband is thousands of hundreds of millions of miles away. Ok that may be a tad exaggeration but Japan is far enough away from my house that it feels like a little drama is not uncalled for. Anywho… I have been

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Oogave’s Organic Sodas for Summertime

Satisfy your craving for sweets with Oogave’s certified organic sodas: Mandarin Key Lime, Watermelon Cream and Root Beer are now available. Sweetened with natural, unprocessed agave nectar, these sodas are vegan, gluten-free, Kosher certified, delicious treats that won’t spike your insulin levels with a high glycemic index.

Consider Oogave’s Mandarin Key Lime, a twist on

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Striped Delight: Farmers Five Cheddar

Why try one English cheddar when you can try five? Such is the case with Farmers Five Cheddar from Ford Farm in Dorchester, Dorset. Each summer different territorial counties contribute their own cheddar-style cheese: savor Red Leicester, Wensleydale, Cheshire, Derby, and Double Gloucester. The cheeses are cut into slices and carefully stacked on top of

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Skagit Brew Corner: Give Me Liberty and Give Me Ale!

Celebrate your upcoming Independence Day with Liberty Ale: an American Pale Ale that tastes like freedom and compliments most meals. Made by San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company, Liberty Ale is a palate-pleaser with its balance of sweet malts and West Coast hoppy bitterness. It is also a versatile cooking beer: try Liberty as a base

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Asian Class Recap…

WOW!!! What an incredible night we had!! The smells, the taste and the atmosphere was enough to transport your senses into orbit!! We welcomed Erik into the ranks of our newest cooking class teacher. He was amazing!! We look forward to more exciting classes with Erik.

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