Fair Trade Holidaze with Theo Chocolates

gngrsptheoCelebrate the season with organic Theo Chocolate’s festive holiday flavors, made locally in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

Each bar is made with rigorous attention to detail and high standards. Theo only uses ingredients that are verified as organic and grown without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers, that do not contain genetically modified organisms, and have not been irradiated or exposed to industrial solvents or food additives. The bars are also soy free and certified Kosher. Dark chocolate bars are also vegan.

Now on sale are Theo’s limited release holiday flavors: Gingerbread Spice and Coconut Mint are a milk chocolate lover’s dream at 45% cocoa,  while Nutcracker Brittle and Peppermint Stick contain 70% cocoa. Each is delicious in its own way and never seems to last very long once it’s opened and offered…

Fair Trade and Organic Gifts for Little Ones

kidsbooksLooking for fair trade made toys? How about organic cotton clothing? Wholesome children’s books? Or BPA-free bottles and nursing accessories?

Find all these and more in the Co-op’s Mercantile loft, where the perfect gift for the little ones on your list is just a shopping visit away!

kidstoys1Visit today and browse our selection of cool, safe and healthy children’s gifts, including:

Yellow Label Fair Trade Knit Toys – fun and functional fair trade toys for babies and young children made by Yellow Label Kids, a member of the Fair Trade Association to ensure a living wage for artisan workers abroad.

Under the Nile Organic Cotton – clothing, bibs and accessories made with 100% organic Egyptian cotton. Super soft, stylish and safe!

Organic Local Chocolate On Sale and for Breakfast

New yumminess from Theo: Salted Toffee Milk Chocolate

Theo Chocolate is a rare breed of American chocolate factory. The company creates certified organic, fair trade, gluten free chocolate nearly from scratch: roasting, milling and conching cacao beans into yummy chocolate at their headquarters in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Look for an extraordinary range of flavors, including Salted Almond, Coconut Curry and Spicy Chile. Be sure to check out their holiday line and seasonal flavors such as Salted Toffee Milk Chocolate, Gingerbread Spice and Peppermint Stick.

Stock up on local Theo chocolate – an incredible variety of bars and their ridiculously tasty organic Sipping Chocolate are now on sale! And why not kick start your day with chocolate…for breakfast. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a breakfast that’s packed with naturally occuring potassium, iron,  fiber and caffeine. I like to use the newest holiday flavor: Salted Toffee Milk Chocolate – it’s a dark 62% cocoa bar.

Chocolate Banana Breakfast Sandwich Read more Organic Local Chocolate On Sale and for Breakfast …

Happy Belated Chocolate Day!

All hail chocolate!

For those of us who missed celebrating the actual Chocolate Day this past Sunday, October 28th – today is a great opportunity to do so! Indulge your love for chocolate with elegant and nutritious bars and nearly endless flavor combinations. With so many wonderful chocolates on sale here at the Co-op, there’s bound to be something for every mood and personality. Our vast and thoughtful chocolate selection includes many wonderful organic and fair trade options. A few recommendations to stoke the fire of your love for chocolate: Read more Happy Belated Chocolate Day! …

Co-op October Free Movie Series

Tuesdays in October are movie nights on the 3rd floor. October is “Everything Month” – the month when we talk Ethics and Politics in our food and shopping choices. We’ve lined up the Globalization Trilogy from Teddy Bear Films to help highlight WHY we need to keep talking about the consequences of globalization.

12 years in the making, the Globalization Trilogy features memorable characters, compelling stories and stunning cinematography. The films have enjoyed wide distribution in the U.S. and abroad,  both on television and theatrically,  winning 18 international awards, airing on over 30 channels and screening in more than 100 film festivals. They are often used in schools,  and by NGOs and community groups.

Each film explores a deeper layer of the production-consumption chain. Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town focuses on consumption in the U.S.  China Blue investigates the manufacturing of the clothes we all consume. Bitter Seeds looks at the raw materials; it goes to India and follows the farmers growing the cotton exported to China’s garment factories to be used for the clothes sold in the West.

We’ll finish up Co-op month with a look at another way of doing business: the brand new documentary Shift Change, which looks at employee-owned cooperatives around the world. The film’ co-producer, Tony Harrah, will join us for some discussion after the film.

October movies (and popcorn!) are free and there will be time for Q&A after each film.