Buy Local Bulbs: Over 30 Varieties in Stock!

svfcbulbs13Start planning your spring garden with local bulbs from the Co-op’s Garden Center!

Look for 23 spectacular tulip varieties, including parrot-type with ruffled edges, as well as 9 varieties of narcissus (including daffodils and fragrant narcissus) from local producer Skagit Valley Bulb Company, a.k.a. Roozengard. This season brings a fantastic array of well-known types as well as new options for creating enchanting spring flowers in your garden.

Garden Center Manager Nancy has chosen many vibrant colors and great companion planters.  Read more Buy Local Bulbs: Over 30 Varieties in Stock! …

Growing the future, in more ways than one!

Pur_Projet_logoAt the Skagit Valley Food Co-op, we take pride in fostering the professional growth of our staff—that’s why we send our staff members to trainings as often as possible. Many of these trainings are organized by our business services cooperative, National Cooperative Grocers Association, which spans 134 co-ops in 36 states. As of 2012, NCGA began offsetting co-op staffs’ qualifying air travel-related carbon emissions in an extraordinarily meaningful way: by growing a sustainable forest in Peru!

To grow our forest, NCGA partners with Pur Projet which provides the research, accreditation and on-the-ground support necessary to create an effective carbon-offset program based upon farmer-supported reforestation. Our forest is part of the Alto Huayabamba Project located in northern Peru. You can learn more about the project, view a brief video and take in some gorgeous Peruvian scenery here. Read more Growing the future, in more ways than one! …

Garden Center Update: Growing Garlic

garlicseedNow is the time to get garlic cloves planted in your garden!  While the growing season is generally ramping down,  the Co-op’s Garden Center is now offering certified organic seed garlic for planting from renown local supplier Irish Eyes Garden Seeds in Ellensburg,  WA.  The three soft-necked varieties include:  Nookta Rose,  Italian Late and Inchelium Red,  all available for $9.99 per pound.

Never grown garlic before?  Never fear,  we’ve got a helpful handout on “Growing Garlic”  that should answer many of your questions.  Plant now and harvest later!

Growing Garlic: An Abbreviated Guide

(for full version, visit the Co-op’s Garden Center) Read more Garden Center Update: Growing Garlic …

Skagit Brew Corner: Hoppy Anniversary Ale

svfchoppyaleCelebrate the season and the 40th Anniversary of the Skagit Valley Co-op with a pint of Hoppy Anniversary Ale! This special occasion brew is available only for a limited time. It’s brewed just for us in 22 oz. bottles by micro brewing pioneer Hale’s Ales of Seattle. And Hoppy Anniversary tasty IPA-style ale is not your typical brew.

Open the bottle and you’ll be greeted by a an earthy, cloud-like texture and a lovely herbal home-brew like flavor. Brewed using Hale’s proprietary yeast blend, malted barley and an aromatic medley of Pacific Northwest Hops, it also has a pleasantly bitter with a creamy and citrusy balanced smooth texture. Gentle carbonation and a thick creamy head of foam make it a great brew to enjoy with salty snacks on sunny afternoons (get ‘em while you can).

Pair this delicious brew with Rancher’s Pie, a delicious multi-layered one dish meal from the Co-op Meat Department. Rancher’s Pie begins with a layer of fresh, handmade Co-op Red Pepper and Garlic Sausage, topped with a medley of organic vegetables, mashed potatoes and a sprinkle of cheese. Sip this refreshing brew to celebrate the season and the legacy of the Skagit Valley Co-op!

Lush & Green in the Garden Center

P1140551Our Garden Center is looking so lush and green (and pink and purple and yellow and red and blue!). It’s time to plant your garden, too. Here’s some photos we hope will inspire you this weekend… Read more Lush & Green in the Garden Center …