Natural Beauty Begins Within….

You eat healthy, you exercise, you get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water. What else can you do to look good and feel great? Why not try a supplement that fights signs of aging, too? RegenerAge is a collagen-rich formula with Chondrotin Sulfate for joint health, Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants for tissue anP1150911d skin health.

Because it’s our own brand, you get an excellent product at a price lower than the better known brands. Allergen-free, this formula contains no gluten, shellfish, soy, or tree nuts. On sale starting Feb 13 for a very limited time!


On Sale $17.99

90 capsules. Reg. $21.69. Limited Supply

Sweet Deals on Supplements!

P1150515Your Co-op is proud to announce that we’ve expanded our selection of high quality, value-priced supplements to include liquid herbal extracts and encapsulated herbs. Your Co-op has chosen the most in-demand items to offer at prices lower than the better known brands.

These new herbal extracts are made from plants that are certified organic, ethically wild-harvested, or selectively imported. They are pesticide-free and have never been fumigated or irradiated. They are also free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Look for single herb extracts like Echinacea, St. John’s Wort, and Gingko. Or try a function based herbal blend, like Blood Sugar Harmony, Congest Ease, Sinus Blaster, or Sleep.


Selected Supplements and Herbal Extracts

20% off!

Feb 4-March 3, 2014. Everyday low price at least 5% lower than other brands!

Week One of Elimination Diet

I wish that I could say that this has been a difficult week in the eating world, mostly because it makes better copy, but in truth it has been fairly simple.  I think that the reason is that I feel so much better already.  On the food front, I have eliminated wheat and sugar, but was rewarded with an abundance of greens, fish and lean meats. I will admit to trying a spoonful of the Co-op’s new Rock’n Road Ice Cream…worth it!!!

I need to be SUPER careful with raw vegetables so I have been blanching them and eating them al dente.  This is not raw, but also not mushy.  Using coconut oil as a method of cooking up my fish has been delightful and light.

I want to share a few of the questions I have received.

“Am I taking enzymes to aid in my digestion?” Read more Week One of Elimination Diet …

Wellness Fair Samples In Store Saturday March 23

coop wellnes fair 13 posterCome learn and try some of our  favorite Wellness brands!

The practitioner fair and presentations on the 3rd floor will be amazing,  but we’ve also got some great treats in-store for you during our Wellness Fair:  Saturday March 23rd from 11-3pm. Look for  giveaways,  free samples and in person representatives from these Wellness companies throughout the Co-op!

We’ve added demos from Green Genes (just soap), Surya (henna-based hair color),  New ChapterFloraSibu (products made with Sea Buckthorn),  EuroPharma (Curamin supplements for pain and inflammation),  and Barleans Swirls! Read on for even more demos in store with features on Ascenta,  Doctor’s Best, Vitamer,  Indigo Wild,  Mega Food,  Nordic Naturals,  HerbPharm,  and Country Life.  Whahooo!

Read more Wellness Fair Samples In Store Saturday March 23 …

Vegan D3

For hardcore Vegans, folks who avoid all animal-based products, finding a D3 supplement has just gotten much easier.  Up until yesterday, the Coop did offer a vegan form of a D vitamin, but it was a D2 which some people felt would not be as readily absorbed.

Thankfully, we now have in-stock and on-sale Country Life’s Vegan D3 available in 5000 IU in 30 or 60 soft gels.  They are certified gluten-free, as is the complete line of Country Life and…maybe the best part…the plant source for the D3 is lichen.  Yes, lichen.  The thing that I spent all of my life until 30 seconds ago believing to be a fungi, only to find out (thanks to that actually “Lichens are composite, symbiotic organisms made up from members of as many as three kingdoms.”

Whoa.  I wish I had learned that in high school.

If that doesn’t amaze you and shake off some of the no-sun crust that might be forming on your mind and mood, then consider taking some of these lichen Vitamin D3 (with the power of three kingdoms!) to see if that helps.

by nancylee bouscher