CV, the Wine Guy, Talks Turkey: A Review

For the last two weeks, CV has been giving us the scoop on unique, interesting, undoubtedly drinkable white wines for your Thanksgiving table. Next week, we’ll start on a thorough review of gift-worthy reds for December. Until then, here’s the complete list of CV’s Turkey Wines:

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Co-opers!

CV the Wine Guy_Turkey Whites 2Cune — Monopole Rioja 2013
Region / Country: Rioja, Spain
Varietal: Viura
Price: $12.99
This is 100% high-altitude Viura from the Rioja Alta subzone, in North-Central Spain. It’s going to be dry, with marvelous notes of white peach, Meyer lemon, and mineral accents. The texture is quite rich, but crisp, citrusy acid keeps it lively. This bottle of wine is perfect for someone who knows wine, someone who wants to have something really fun on their Thanksgiving table.

Tomero — Torrontes 2012
Region / Country:
Varietal: Torrontes Riojano
Price: $11.99
Torrontes Riojano is very aromatic — a lot of floral aromas will come off the nose. This is a supple, fruity white, with flavors of pineapple and pear. The flavors of Torrontes should be a perfect, unusual pick for Thanksgiving.

Montinore Estate — Borealis White Table Wine 2013
Region / State: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Varietals: 39% Gewurztraminer, 37% Muller-Thurgau, 19% Riesling, 5% Pinot Gris
Price: $13.99
BIODYNAMIC! This is a lovely blend of Gewurztraminer, Muller-Thurgau, Riesling, and Pinot Gris. What a wonderful and unique blend: each of these individual wines would make for a great turkey wine. Together, it will be delightful. With notes of peach, yellow apple, pineapple and bright citrus, it has the acidity to balance out and contrast with the fruitiness.

Albet i Noya — Xarel·lo 2013
Region / Country: Catalonia, Spain
Varietal: Xarel·lo
Price: $13.99
ORGANIC! This is a fun, unusual wine. Xarel·lo produces highly textural wines, with a lemon-like acidity and stonefruit flavors. This is less fruit-forward than the other wines we’re featuring this week, but features a well-balanced, crisp minerality that will add some refreshment to your Thanksgiving table.

Skagit Valley Food Coop_CV_Rose for TurkeyChâteau Grande Cassagne — 2011 Costières de Nimes Rosé
Region / Country:
Rhone, France
45% Grenache, 45% Syrah and 10% Mourvedre.
This is a lovely Rosé — flavors of raspberry, watermelon, rose petals, which are classic flavors and aromas of a well-made Rose. The electric pink color of this wine is really quite fantastic. You can easily imagine how great this bottle of wine will look on your holiday table. It would sparkle next to the turkey.


Skagit Valley Food Coop_CV_Gilbert CellarsGilbert Cellars — 2013 The Grower
Region: Columbia Valley, Washington
Varietals: 61% Chardonnay & 39% Riesling
Price: $14.99
This bottle of wine was built to go with turkey. It has that bit of sweetness that goes well with turkey, but in a classier style. It’s a style of wine that will suit a number of palettes. People who drink (good) wine will recognize the weight of the Chardonnay and the creaminess that comes with it, and the beautiful lift that comes off of a Riesling.

Skagit Valley Food Coop_CV_White Wines for TurkeyForis Vineyards — 2012 Moscato
Region / Country: Rogue Valley, Oregon / United States
Price: $11.99
This Moscato has been a Co-op favorite for a long time. In a frizzante (instead of fully sparkling) style, this wine is lightly effervescent, with tiny bubbles that balance out the juicy sweetness of the grape. Peachy-floral aromas with a light and lively palette.

Bouza — Albariño 2012
Region / Country: Montevideo, Uruguay
Price: $17.99
This is a very sophisticated, special bottle of wine. This is a really fun wine. It is full of minerals, full of expression. It is made by a terrific winery that is getting much-deserved accolades and attention.

Klostor Pinot Grigio 2013
Region / Country:
Rheinhessen, Germany
Pinot Grigio
Price: $8.99
With strong flavors of citrus and minerals, this tangy wine will go perfectly with turkey for people who want a traditional food wine. This wine comes in once a year, and then it’s gone. Try it while we have it!

+Red Blends for Thanksgiving
And, to wrap things up, two turkey-worthy reds for you:

Gilbert Cellars’ Uncle Cragg’s — 2012 The Pilgrim, $14.99
Red blend from Columbia Valley, Washington.

Skagit Valley Food Coop__CV_LaPetiteFontaineMaison Richard Côtes du Rhône — 2010 La Petite Fontaine, $9.99
Red blend from Rhone, France.
Part of the Chateau la Nerthe family of wines, which has been producing wine throughout the southern Rhone Valle for 800 years. And is famous for it. A friendly, everyday, earthy wine with notes of black cherry and raspberry. It finishes clean, with a highlight of cedar and spice. All-in-all, perfect.


The Bounty of Bulk: Use Your Noodles

Skagit Valley Food Coop_Bounty of Bulk_Oct 27Welcome to our latest segment focusing on the wondrous world of bulk: pasta. Buying in bulk is great for saving money on these pantry essentials, from couscous to spaghetti to shaped pasta. The Co-op stocks a dozen different types of noodles and pasta, including gluten-free quinoa and corn rotelle.

Accessorize your noodles with some garlic, onions, and leeks (local from Ralph’s Greenhouse in Mount Vernon, WA) and you’ve got a great base for many meals. Choose hearty and healthy whole grain pastas, and add seasonal vegetables, cheese, tofu, or your preferred cut of meat. Here are a few choice recipes from our customers and staff:

Seasonal Vegetable Orzo Salad Recipe

Orzo - “orzo” is the Italian word for barley. However, orzo pasta is made from semolina durum wheat, not from barley. It’s a versatile, rice-shaped pasta. A classic for cold vegetable salads and comfort meals, use orzo to add texture to soups. It’s a great deal in bulk — only $1.79 per pound!

Make a delightful, yet simple orzo salad: Read more The Bounty of Bulk: Use Your Noodles …

CV, the Wine Guy, talks Biodynamic Wines from Oregon

SVFC_CV Wine Guy_BiodynamicBiodynamic: adj. — a spiritual-ethicial-ecological approach to agriculture, food production, and nutrition.

Biodynamic wines take the concentrated notice of terroir (the geography, geology, and climate of a wine region) to a whole new level. When grapes are grown biodynamically, the wine maker sees the vineyard as an ecosystem: not just the vines, but the soil beneath them — an organism in its own right — the air and water quality, flora and fauna in the area, the cosmos — all of these are growing together interdependently.

There is also the notion that farming can (should?) be attuned to the spiritual element of the cosmos, perhaps linking planting or harvesting in time with lunar cycles or planetary positions.

The immense and careful attention biodynamic growers pay to their vines can’t be anything but good, or, at the very least, interesting. If a wine is biodynamic, it is also organic (but still contains sulfites). Biodynamic wines are the best of the best. This week, we’re going to focus on biodynamic wines from Oregon. The two main varietals for Oregon are Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. We talked last week about the flavor profiles and structure of Pinot Noir (and how well it pairs with salmon); let’s focus on Pinot Gris this week.

Read more CV, the Wine Guy, talks Biodynamic Wines from Oregon …

Evolve Truffles: A Local Collaboration of Alchemy

Belllingham Chefs, Shannon and Christy Fox, will be here Friday, June 6 from 2-5 pm to share samples of their sublime truffles. Just in time for Father’s Day,  they are releasing their latest creation “A Local Collaboration of Alchemy”;  Six truffles infused with beer from six Bellingham Breweries! Read more Evolve Truffles: A Local Collaboration of Alchemy …

The Cheese Whisperer: Organic Beemster Gouda

BeemstergoudaSometimes a cheese takes you by the hand and leads you on a wonderful journey.

Explore the tantalizingly fresh flavors of a new offering from the Co-op’s Cheese Island: Organic Beemster Gouda from Holland. This limited released cheese is an edible masterpiece with a creamy, silky smooth texture and rich, buttery flavor. Aged for 3  months, it’s made from pasteurized milk from heirloom cattle who graze on the lush, mineral-rich soils of the Beemster Polder, the oldest and most renowned of the polders (low-lying land shored up by dikes) in The Netherlands. On sale now for $14.99/lb!

This premium Dutch gouda is exquisite, seasonal, and certified organic. It’s also perfectly suited for cooking and serving at every meal. For breakfast: use it to flavor scrambled eggs or enjoy it on crackers or toast with fresh fruit. Add Beemster gouda to salads and soups for lunch, or on pasta, or a cheese board. Its rich flavor pairs nicely with pickled vegetables and olives. Try tossing cubed Beemster gouda with wilted chard, rice, or noodles for a quick, sweet-flavored cheese sauce. Or get adventurous and try a slice with rhubarb pie or crisp!

Snag a wedge today and take it home to enjoy in oh-so-many ways.