Ben’s (Organic) Produce Report

SVFC_Mini Watermelon_4.14.14 skagit valley food co-op_mangoes2 Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Rhubarb_Asparagus_4.7.14SVFC_Celery_4.14.14

Outrageous Deals:
Seedless watermelon 49¢ lb!
Personal seedless watermelons $2.19 ea!!
Celery root 99¢ lb

I was only able to lock in 50 cases (550 melons!), and I don’t think we will make it through the week on those. If we can’t get more, we will switch to slightly larger personal melons for $2.99 each. The really small ones are just over 3lb each, the $2.99 ones are closer to 4lb. 

More Wild Deals (Yes, they are all organic):
Ataulfo mangoes $1.29 ea
Navel oranges $1.49 lb
Red, green, and romaine lettuce $1.79 ea
WASHINGTON Asparagus $6.99 lb
(not super cheap, I know, but the first NW grown)
California green beans $3.29 lb
    (much nicer than the Mexican ones we had been getting)
Broccolette $2.29 ea
Broccoli $2.49 lb
Celery 79¢ lb
Cucumbers 99¢ lb
English cukes $1.99 ea
Roma tomatoes $1.19 lbLocal Produce!

Things are starting to roll along locally; we should see some radishes, braising mix, and arugula from Blue Heron soon. We have cauliflower from Hedlin, and we should see some fiddlehead ferns soon. More local produce is on its way!

The (Organic) Produce Report

Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Rhubarb_Asparagus_4.7.14 Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Raab_4.7.14 Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Mangoes Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Broccolette
Outrageous Deals!
Cucumbers 69¢ lb
Broccolette $1.69 each bunch

Wild Weekly Specials:
Tommy Atkins mangoes $1.99 lb
Ataulfo mangoes $1.49 each
New crop Argentina D’anjou pears $2.49 lb
Minneola tangelos $1.79 lb
Honeydew melon $1.49 lb
English cucumber $2.19 each
Red and green leaf lettuce $1.99 each
Romaine lettuce $1.99 each
Bunched beets $2.29 each
Cauliflower $2.19 lb

What’s New & Interesting:
Mexican peaches $4.69 lb (arriving on Tuesday!)
And… Cases of juice oranges and grapefruits! 38lb cases — we will keep a few cases on hand at a time, $19.99 each! Juice lemons are also available, but we won’t have them in the store. If you would like to order one, just let us know–38lb case for $25.99.

Local! It’s rhubarb time! And it’s all local from Living Rain Farm in west Mount Vernon. Kale raab is coming in from Ralph’s Greenhouse. Well Fed Farms is supplying us with 1/2lb bags of nettles (see below for more information). Cauliflower from Hedlin Farms will be arriving soon. (And that’s just the beginning…)

‘Tis the Season for Fresh Juices!
Are you a juicing fanatic, new to liquid cleanses, or just love a tall glass of fresh juice? We have what you need! With the fantastic deals on cucumbers, celery, and cases of juicing oranges, grapefruit, and lemons, now is is great time to stock up for a proper juice cleanse!

Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Nettles_WellFed_4.7.14Nettles!
We’ve been getting nettles from Well Fed Farm in Bow for the last couple of weeks. There are so many delicious and exciting things to do with nettles, I don’t have room enough in this post to sing their praises. Here’s what they do (really) well: a natural stimulant, nettles are best consumed in the morning and early afternoon — unless, of course, you’re looking for a late-night pick-me-up. They are great for the adrenal glands (those endocrine glands that sit on top of the kidneys that release “happy” hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, in response to stress). Healthy adrenals = more efficient responses to stress! Worried about stinging yourself while preparing a nettle treat? Never fear! Nettles actually produce their own antidote. So, if you find yourself with a bit of a nettle sting, either mash up (perhaps with gloves, if you wish) a nettle leaf, or just pop a leaf or two in your mouth, chew well, and tah-dah!,  its antidote has entered your system and the itch will go away and you can get back to business. Make nettle vinegar (careful there, it’s fiery!), nettle pesto (made the same way as “normal” pesto, just replace basil with nettles), or experiment with other uses. Enjoy this stimulating, fiery nettle season!

The (Organic) Produce Report: March 24-30

  SVFC_BoscPears_3.24.14SVFC_Artichokes_3.24.14 SVFC_RhubardSVFC_Citrus_3.24.14
Outrageous Deals:
Cucumbers 99¢ lb from Mexico
Small Bosc Pears 55¢ lb! Grown in Washington, just out of cold storage! These may not last all week, but we will try to stock up a lot of them.

Wild Weekly Specials:
Red and green cabbage $1.49 lb
Celery 99¢ lb
Baby artichokes $2.29 lb
Mixed mini sweet peppers $1.99/ 1 pint
Blood oranges $2.99 lb
Small heirloom tomatoes $2.99 lb
Rio Star grapefruit $1.49 lb

What’s New & Local:
Spring is in the air, and local production is ramping up! Ralph’s is now bringing Lacinato kale raab, collard raab, bunched spinach, green kale, red and green dandelion greens, along with the leeks and fingerling potatoes.  We will see lots of varieties of raab — just trim the end of the stem off and chop the rest up! Raw, steamed, braised, sauteed, stir-fried, even juiced, raab is tasty, sweet, and very nutrient-dense.  Local asparagus and rhubarb aren’t too far off; we have nice US grown stuff to get us through in the meantime.  Rhubarb should be here Monday, $4.69 lb to start with.  Mexican melons are starting up this week.

A word on baby artichokes: Trim the outer leaves off the top and sides until you are left with what looks like an artichoke heart from a jar. Then, steam as you would any artichoke, until the stem is tender. When they are this small, there is no “choke”, so you can eat them whole. Toss with salad dressing, add to a saute towards the end, or just pack them in oil and vinegar and keep in the fridge!
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The (Organic) Produce Report: March 10-16

localpearsSVFC_Asparagus_3.3.14svfc_cabbageSVFC_Rainbow Chard_2.10.14

(Really) Outrageous Deals:
Bartlett pears from Argentina, $1.79 lb
(Green to start with, red Bartletts will arrive on Thursday or Friday)
Green Cabbage 69¢lb(!!)

Wild Weekly Deals:
Minneola tangelos $1.99 lb
Purple cabbage $1.29 lb
Rainbow chard $1.69 each
1 pint mini mixed peppers $1.99 each
Zucchini $1.99 lb
Meyer lemons $2.49 lb
Valencia oranges 89¢ lb
Eggplant $1.29 lb
Cucumbers $2.49 lb
Snow peas $3.79 lb
Green bell peppers $1.99 lb
Asparagus $4.49 lb

Weekly Produce Feature:
Join us on Saturday, March 15, 11am-2pm for a Kiwi Sampler! We’ll be giving out samples of Co+op’s featured recipe for March: Orange Kiwi Salsa (with delicious chips, of course!). See you then! (Recipe is included below.)

Fun facts
Kiwifruit are one of the most nutrient-dense fruits in the world: you get more vitamins and minerals bite for bite than almost any other fruit! They are very high in folate, potassium, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals. Recent and ongoing trials show that the combined nutrients in kiwis can have a beneficial, significant impact on the immune system! They also aid in digestion. They are higher in vitamin C than almost anything. Kiwifruit provides a little over 30% of your daily recommended vitamin K, and are very high in fiber.

They are also delicious! Many people don’t realize that the skin is edible: it is slightly bitter, but not overly so. Give them a wash and rub them with your hands to remove excess fuzz. Then eat all but the stem bit!

The (Organic) Produce Report: February 23-March 2

SVFC_KumquatsSVFC_Kale_2.24.14 SVFC_Artichokes_2.24.14 SVFC_Lettuce_2.24.14

Outrageous Deals:
Cilantro .69¢ /bunch
Red Cabbage .99¢ /pound

Wild Weekly Specials on Organic Produce:
Medium Artichokes $1.99 each
All Kale varieties $1.99 /bunch
Parsley (flat & curly) .79¢ /bunch
D’Anjou Pears $1.49 /pound
Rio Star Grapefruit $1.29 /pound
Kiwifruit $1.99 /pound
Cucumbers $1.79 /pound
Red or Green Leaf Lettuce $1.79 /each
Romaine Lettuce $1.99 each

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