What’s Dipping? (In the Ice Cream Well)

icecreammenuFew things in life are as wonderful as the Co-op’s handmade organic ice cream. Especially the Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Swirl flavor. We’ve been offering so many other fantastic flavors of ice cream this year that our ice cream maker Matt hasn’t yet made a Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Swirl, until this week. Fortunately for all of us, he just made up a fresh batch and it’s ready to be served up!

Our Deli features some of the tastiest ice cream ever, made fresh onsite using local and organic ingredients. Our base of organic milk, cream and eggs are sourced from the Organic Valley Dairy Cooperative, a regional network of organic dairy farmers. Each batch of Co-op ice cream is carefully crafted to offer excellent and natural options. In addition to our classic Vanilla and Chocolate flavors, look for Lemon Curd Swirl, Coffee Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies n’ Cream, Chai Scream and Raspberry Sorbet. Many of our flavors are made without gluten.

Don’t forget the Co-op’s Own Handmade Organic Ice Cream is available by the scoop and by the pint, we now offer an expanded selection in our freezer aisle or a friendly Deli staffer can scoop you a custom pint. Or try a sundae or milk shake made with your favorite flavor. Enjoy some now and take home some for later!

New in the Deli: Country Ham Relish

Our super staff never fail to impress with new offerings in the Co-op’s Deli. Now available: Country Ham Relish, a delightfully creamy, smoky, and sweet creation that channels the spirit of what many Southern folks may know as a Chipped Ham Salad. It’s tasty and convenient, available in the Deli’s to go case.

This flavorful combination makes a great sandwich spread or dip for tortilla chips, sliced vegetables or crackers. Ingredients include: natural, hormone, and antibiotic-free Beeler’s smoked ham; Bubbie’s Kosher dill relish; golden raisins; and a smidge of sour cream and cream cheese.

The (Organic) Produce Report

Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Rhubarb_Asparagus_4.7.14 Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Raab_4.7.14 Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Mangoes Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Broccolette
Outrageous Deals!
Cucumbers 69¢ lb
Broccolette $1.69 each bunch

Wild Weekly Specials:
Tommy Atkins mangoes $1.99 lb
Ataulfo mangoes $1.49 each
New crop Argentina D’anjou pears $2.49 lb
Minneola tangelos $1.79 lb
Honeydew melon $1.49 lb
English cucumber $2.19 each
Red and green leaf lettuce $1.99 each
Romaine lettuce $1.99 each
Bunched beets $2.29 each
Cauliflower $2.19 lb

What’s New & Interesting:
Mexican peaches $4.69 lb (arriving on Tuesday!)
And… Cases of juice oranges and grapefruits! 38lb cases — we will keep a few cases on hand at a time, $19.99 each! Juice lemons are also available, but we won’t have them in the store. If you would like to order one, just let us know–38lb case for $25.99.

Local! It’s rhubarb time! And it’s all local from Living Rain Farm in west Mount Vernon. Kale raab is coming in from Ralph’s Greenhouse. Well Fed Farms is supplying us with 1/2lb bags of nettles (see below for more information). Cauliflower from Hedlin Farms will be arriving soon. (And that’s just the beginning…)

‘Tis the Season for Fresh Juices!
Are you a juicing fanatic, new to liquid cleanses, or just love a tall glass of fresh juice? We have what you need! With the fantastic deals on cucumbers, celery, and cases of juicing oranges, grapefruit, and lemons, now is is great time to stock up for a proper juice cleanse!

Skagit Valley Food Co-op_Nettles_WellFed_4.7.14Nettles!
We’ve been getting nettles from Well Fed Farm in Bow for the last couple of weeks. There are so many delicious and exciting things to do with nettles, I don’t have room enough in this post to sing their praises. Here’s what they do (really) well: a natural stimulant, nettles are best consumed in the morning and early afternoon — unless, of course, you’re looking for a late-night pick-me-up. They are great for the adrenal glands (those endocrine glands that sit on top of the kidneys that release “happy” hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, in response to stress). Healthy adrenals = more efficient responses to stress! Worried about stinging yourself while preparing a nettle treat? Never fear! Nettles actually produce their own antidote. So, if you find yourself with a bit of a nettle sting, either mash up (perhaps with gloves, if you wish) a nettle leaf, or just pop a leaf or two in your mouth, chew well, and tah-dah!,  its antidote has entered your system and the itch will go away and you can get back to business. Make nettle vinegar (careful there, it’s fiery!), nettle pesto (made the same way as “normal” pesto, just replace basil with nettles), or experiment with other uses. Enjoy this stimulating, fiery nettle season!

Fair Trade Holidaze with Theo Chocolates

gngrsptheoCelebrate the season with organic Theo Chocolate’s festive holiday flavors, made locally in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

Each bar is made with rigorous attention to detail and high standards. Theo only uses ingredients that are verified as organic and grown without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers, that do not contain genetically modified organisms, and have not been irradiated or exposed to industrial solvents or food additives. The bars are also soy free and certified Kosher. Dark chocolate bars are also vegan.

Now on sale are Theo’s limited release holiday flavors: Gingerbread Spice and Coconut Mint are a milk chocolate lover’s dream at 45% cocoa,  while Nutcracker Brittle and Peppermint Stick contain 70% cocoa. Each is delicious in its own way and never seems to last very long once it’s opened and offered…

Strawberry Time with Kai from Hedlin Farm

40TH_STRAWBERRY SAMPLING_web  It is Definitely that time of year – and the super sweet Shuksan sstrawberries from Hedlin Farms are so Very worth waiting for… Kai Ottesen from Hedlin will be sharing some of these beauties with us live in person in our Produce Department on Saturday June 22nd from Noon-2pm, serving up Strawberry Sauce with the Co-op’s own Vanilla ice cream and Deli scones. (This event was impetus for our Deli to start packaging up their delicious scones in 4 packs, for you to take home…!)

We will be kicking off a super special on the 24th, featuring Hedlin’s organic strawberry pints for $1.49 during the last week of June.

See you on Saturday – come say Hi to Kai!P1030539