Skagit Bulbs for Skagit Gardeners: On Sale Now

SVFCBulbsNow is the time to plant bulbs for spring flowers. Freshen up your garden with an assortment of colorful petals. Look for locally grown flower bulbs from Skagit’s own Washington Bulb Company in Mount Vernon.
The Co-op’s Garden Center has put together a colorful collection of locally grown tulips, daffodils, fragrant narcissis, hyacinths, and more from Washington Bulb Company. Click here for a link to the company’s “Bulb Expert Tips.”
  • 10 pack Tulips – $6.99-$8.99 (26 varieties to choose from)
  • 10 pack Daffodils – $6.99-$8.99 (10 varieties to choose from)
  • 10 pack Hyacinths – $8.99 each
  • 10 pack Crocus – $3.99 each

Buy Local Bulbs: Over 30 Varieties in Stock!

svfcbulbs13Start planning your spring garden with local bulbs from the Co-op’s Garden Center!

Look for 23 spectacular tulip varieties, including parrot-type with ruffled edges, as well as 9 varieties of narcissus (including daffodils and fragrant narcissus) from local producer Skagit Valley Bulb Company, a.k.a. Roozengard. This season brings a fantastic array of well-known types as well as new options for creating enchanting spring flowers in your garden.

Garden Center Manager Nancy has chosen many vibrant colors and great companion planters.  Read more Buy Local Bulbs: Over 30 Varieties in Stock! …

Garden Center Update: Growing Garlic

garlicseedNow is the time to get garlic cloves planted in your garden!  While the growing season is generally ramping down,  the Co-op’s Garden Center is now offering certified organic seed garlic for planting from renown local supplier Irish Eyes Garden Seeds in Ellensburg,  WA.  The three soft-necked varieties include:  Nookta Rose,  Italian Late and Inchelium Red,  all available for $9.99 per pound.

Never grown garlic before?  Never fear,  we’ve got a helpful handout on “Growing Garlic”  that should answer many of your questions.  Plant now and harvest later!

Growing Garlic: An Abbreviated Guide

(for full version, visit the Co-op’s Garden Center) Read more Garden Center Update: Growing Garlic …

Lush & Green in the Garden Center

P1140551Our Garden Center is looking so lush and green (and pink and purple and yellow and red and blue!). It’s time to plant your garden, too. Here’s some photos we hope will inspire you this weekend… Read more Lush & Green in the Garden Center …

Keep Our Critters Safe!!!

Keep Jake Kitty Safe!!!

Keep Jake Kitty Safe!!!

Flowers bloom and sunny skies bring sunshine making the outdoors so much more inviting.  The outdoors a beautiful place to wander and explore, not just for humans but for our four legged friends too.  Learning about the different kinds of plants that can harm your pets, will keep them safe and frolicking all sunny season.


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